Celtics guard Smart hurt taking a swipe at picture frame

Guard Marcus Smart suffered a bizarre injury in a blow to the Boston Celtics in the NBA.

Celtics guard Smart hurt taking a swipe at picture frame

Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart is set to miss two weeks after hurting his hand swiping at a picture frame.

Picture frame injury embarrassment

The Celtics announced on Friday Smart will be out two weeks due to lacerations he sustained on his hand from a non-basketball injury.

Smart apologised to fans for hurting himself in what sounded like a bizarre incident.

"I want to take this time to express my sincerest apologies to my team-mates, coaches, and most of all the amazing Boston Celtics fans," Smart wrote on Twitter.

"I'm embarrassed and disappointed in my actions. I swiped at and hit a picture frame on the wall. I feel like I let all y'all down."

Sox' Kopech hand injury

Chicago White Sox prospect Michael Kopech missed several months after breaking his hand in a fight with a team-mate.

Former number one overall pick by the New York Yankees Brien Taylor suffered an injury defending his brother in a fist-fight, and Carlos Boozer once suffered a six-to-eight week injury putting his fist through a wall celebrating the end of the NBA lockout.

Smart is simply the latest in the line of these injuries.

"I promise I will learn from this situation and come back better than ever," Smart wrote.

"I love y'all and I truly appreciate all the support."