Anderlecht forced to pay back overcharged Bayern fans

The Brussels based outfit will have to pay 30 euro to each travelling Bayern Munich supporter present at the Champions League game in November.

Aficionados del Bayern lanzaron billetes falsos como protesta

It's generally felt that match-day ticket prices for top football games are overpriced, a feeling that has led to fan-led protests, particular in Germany and England with certain clubs ticketing policies for Champions League games this season causing widespread complaints from supporters.

In this particular instance, fan-power has won the day after UEFA ruled that FC Bayern supporters who attended the Champions League Group stage game in November must be reimbursed to the tune of 30 euro by the Belgian side for overcharging the German away fans. The away allocation of match-day tickets were priced at 100 euro and the Brussels based club must foot the 27.000 euro bill.

The Bayern fans showed their displeasure about the ticketing policy before and during the game unfurling a banner and throwing fake notes onto the Constant Vanden Stock Stadium pitch.