Diego Costa: "Referees hate me"

The Atlético Madrid striker spoke after his side had beaten Athletic 2-0 in LaLiga, with the forward picking up a booking.


Atlético Madrid striker Diego Costa spoke to beIN SPORTS after his side had beaten Athletic 2-0, with Costa booked for dissent in the 36th.

Winning against Athletic

The team is performing well against rivals at home. It's a fine battle to play and do the best we can and the team benefits. We're doing well right now.

Possible penalty

I think it's a penalty. I was going to shoot, he dives in, makes contact with me and puts me off balance. Not giving it is the referee's decision and I'm not going to complain.

Yellow card for protesting an offside decision

You know how it is. The referees hate me and there's no way to change it. Referees, not all of them, book me for the smallest thing. He was desperate to book me and that's that. There's no use thinking about it any more.

Too keen to protest?

If you look at the images, I didn't protest rudely. He wanted to book me and that's all.

Griezmann's future 

I think people make a lot of stuff up. The fans are behind Griezmann. He's got quality and every summer a big team want him. It's normal for him to get angry. I get angry too at times. It's part of football. But the fans are delighted that Griezmann can be here and hopefully he's here for many more years.