PSG ultras attempt to disturb Madrid squad with pyrotechnics

The hardcore element of the Ligue 1 club set off a myriad of pyrotechnics beside the central Hotel Collectioneur, the Parisian base for the Madrid expedition.


As the countdown to tonight's Champions League last 16 (second leg) at the Parc des Princes, the atmosphere grows more tense around the game after a sector of the PSG ultras greeted their side with a banner and chants of Puta Madrid (Fuck Madrid).


Last night at approximately 0130 CET, a group of PSG hardcore fans approached the Hotel Collectioneur where the Real Madrid squad are based and set off fireworks, flares and chanted with the intention of disturbing the sleep pattern of the Madrid players.

Videos taken from neighbouring buildings show the loud explosive bangs as police sirens sound with local Parisian law enforcement officers arrive at the scene of the incident after they were called by a member of Real Madrid's security service.

'Together we can do it'

The Ligue 1 club have also called upon their supporters to show up at the Parc des Princes this evening at 1830 CET in an effort to add to the pre-match tension with the French club chasing a 3-1 scoreline from the Bernabeu a fortnight ago.

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Table PTS W D L
1Tottenham 16 5 1 0
2Real Madrid 13 4 1 1
3B. Dortmund 2 0 2 4
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*Update 6 de marzo de 2018