PAOK youth coach: "Greek football is rotten to the core"

"Greek football has been polluted for years" claimed Pablo Garcia, Uruguayan coach of the PAOK youth team.

PAOK youth coach: "Greek football is rotten to the core"

Former Osasuna and Real Madrid player Pablo García, now currently head coach with the PAOK FC (from Thessaloniki) youth team in Greece spoke to Spain's Radio Marca about the level of corruption in the game in the Mediterranean country. 

"There is clear corruption among the match officials and the game here (Greece) has been decaying for years" claimed the Uruguayan following incidents on Sunday night's PAOK-AEK Athens game when the president of the home club invaded the field of play with a pistol clearly visible on his waist.

Russian-born Greek businessman and owner of PAOK Salonika, Ivan Savvides (C), pictured with what appears to be a gun in a holster, enters the pitch after the referee annulled a goal of PAOK during their soccer match against AEK Athens in Toumba Stadium in Thessaloniki, Greece, March 11, 2018.

"We've had years of domination from the Athens based teams with Olympiakos winning eighteen of the past twenty league titles with other Athens based Panathinaikos outfit bagging two". "it would appear that there is a desire for the title not to leave the capital" suggested the current PAOK youth coach who plied his trade at Toumba Stadium after his spell in LaLiga with Real Madrid and Osasuna. 

A policeman (R) orders AEK defender Vassilis Lampropoulos (L) and other players to leave the pitch, during incidents following the referee's decision to disallow PAOK a last minute goal on March 11, 2018 during the Greek Superleague football match PAOK Thessaloniki vs AEK Athens on March 11, 2018 in Thessaloniki.

Speaking about Savvidis, Pablo García acknowledges that it was wrong of the president to enter the playing field but admits that it was a result of impotence at a most unjust situation where a game is being robbed".

"FIFA and UEFA need to get involved and do something", added García, as news broke that the top flight in Greece would be suspended indefinitely.