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Iniesta leaves us but his example remains

Part of the soul dies when a friend leaves... There is nothing better than Sevillian music when it comes to feelings. Now that we know Iniesta has decided to leave Barça to finish his career in China, we all feel a unique nostalgia. We still have some games to enjoy, including the Copa del Rey final this weekend, and then the World Cup in Russia, but it is no longer the same, because we know that his absence will soon hurt. We also see how football can be a metaphor for life. Happiness accompanies us throughout it, but time passes, things pass, life passes... everything passes and you get by with whatever comes along.

What it all began | Andrés Iniesta with the Albacete youth set up.

The joy Iniesta has brought us

All players leave, taking with them a piece of that gratifying life that football gives us, just as Garci said referring to the world of cinema. But some take a larger piece than others, and Iniesta's is one of the largest. He has been one of the flag bearers over the best years in our football's history, a symbol of that era being his goal that made us the happiest. But it was not just that goal. There have been matches and matches, minutes and minutes of him entertaining us with his smooth and aesthetic play, as if instead of studs on his boots he had blades. He reached an almost melodic relationship with the ball. It has been a gift to watch him play for so many years.

Another moment | Spain's Fernando Torres celebrates with Andres Iniesta after scoring during their Euro 2008 final against Germany.

Iker, Xavi, Iniesta, Torres

Maybe he is going too soon. Many of us still see him as a force in today's game. In fact, he remains a key player in this Barça side that is on track to win LaLiga, perhaps doing so undefeated, and is in Spain's national team, which will be heading to the World Cup with high expectations. But, being prudent, he does not want to become like Torres with Atlético, playing occasional moments, at the discretion of criteria based on someone else ahead of him. That's why he is leaving, like others before him. Casillas to Portugal, Xavi to Qatar, Villa to the United States, Iniesta to China, where perhaps he will be with Torres. It appears that every time they go further away, as if our football acts as a powerful centrifuge. But wherever they go, they will always remain among us.