Chelsea 0-3 Barcelona UEFA Youth League final: report

A brace from Marques and a late strike by Abel Ruiz sealed victory for Barcelona in the UEFA Youth League final over Chelsea in Nyon.
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Chelsea 0-3 Barcelona UEFA Youth League final: report
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Chelsea 0-3 Barcelona: match report

Barcelona won their second UEFA Youth League final in the competition's five-year history by beating Chelsea 3-0 in Nyon on Monday afternoon.

Chelsea were missing two of their most influencial players in Ethan Ampadu, who is out for the rest of the season with a broken ankle, and Trevor Chalobah, who was suspended for the game. It showed too as Chelsea struggled to gain a foothold in the game until it was almost out of sight.

Barcelona hassled and harried Chelsea when out of possession and were patient when they had the ball. It resulted in a goal after 33 minutes when Alejandro Marques headed home after a powerful Abel Ruiz run down the left hand side.

The first half drew to a close with the English side getting a shot at goal while Barcelona sent 11 in that direction. 

It was Chelsea who designed their own downfall in the second half when a mistake at the back gifted Marques a one-on-one. He slotted home and Chelsea, who were struggling anyway, were now in a hole partly of their own digging.

They did improve and tested Peña in goals for Barcelona along with hitting the post and crossbar but it wasn't their day and they left it too late. Abel Ruiz scored at the death to ensure there would be no late comeback by Chelsea.

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90'+4' GAME OVER! The referee blows it up and Barcelona are the UEFA Youth League winners.

90'+3'   Looks like Chelsea won't bother to make the change.

90'+3'   Chelsea and Barcelona makes changes as Puig is replace by Vila.

90'+2' GOAL! And that wraps it up. Jaime down the right and he pulls it back to Morey, who takes a touch and scores thanks to a deflection. 3-0 and no coming back from that.

90'   Nope. Free sent in and Chelsea foul in the box. Think it was very harsh as replay shows absolutely nothing done wrong there.

89'   Chelsea with a free on the left. Hudson-Odoi to send it in. Mingueza down with a cramp though as play is delayed.

88'   Sent in and headed wide by Grant. Abel Ruiz very lucky not to be penalised for that as he threw himself into the challenge with Grant in the air.

87'   Sent in and gathered by Pena. 

86' Lamptey fouled by Miranda and has his arm pulled out of his socket before he's thrown to the ground. Yellow for the tactical foul. Chelsea to whip it in.

85'   Corner sent deep and Barcelona keep it. Chelsea chasing shadows when they need the ball. Cleared by Sterling for a throw. Barca in no hurry to take it.

84'   Barca looking for more. Puig runs into the centre, has the ball taken off him and then a strike comes in. Blocked and out for a corner.

83'   Hudson-Odoi with a run down the left and he clips it inside. Headed just over by Brown and it caught the post on the way over. Unlucky.

82'   Ball sent in behind for Brown to chase but Barcelona deal with it and clear. They win a free in the end and Chelsea are running out of steam.

80' 80' Marques is replaced now. The man who gave Barcelona their 2-0 lead. Guillem Jaime replaces him.

77'   St.Clair with a shot and that hits the side netting. Chelsea running out of options now.

76'   Sent in and Brown battles with Mingueza and it looked like he got a foot to it but it's behind for a goal kick.

75'   Lamptey hauled down late as Chelsea try to break. He might make a sifference, this chap. He needs to. No card.

74' Barcelona counter now and make their own change. Orellana is replaced by Morer.

73' Another change for Chelsea. Maddox replaced by Lamptey.

72'   Another chance for Chelsea. Sent in from the ledt and Pena gathers. Charlie Brown lurking and trying to get a foot on it.

70'   That goal still eludes them though.

70'   Dangerous ball into the box by Morey. Ruiz takes it down but has it taken off him. Chelsea clear but remain under pressure. They had improved recently too. 

66' Redan is replaced by Charlie Brown.

66'   Redan pulled up for a foul on Mingueza as they both run for the ball. Must have been an elbow. Referee keeps his cards in his pocket though.

64'   Another dangerous chance for Chelsea. McCormack strikes after the pull back and he hits it wide. 

63'   McCormack fouled in the air. Free for Chelsea. 

61'   Hudson-Odoi strikes the free and it hits the botttom of the post. So unluck. Ball comes back in and looks to be a push in the back but no penalty. The luck is out for Chelsea today, it feels like.

60'   James with a very nice run into enemy territory. Hauled down by Orellana. chance for Chelsea to pull one back.

59'   McEachran's introduction might mean a change of tactic for Chelsea. Midfielder for defender.

58' Yes, they do. Guehi is replaced by Mceachran.

58'   Ball into Redan but that's over his head. Chelsea have to make a change here surely. 

56'   McCormack nearly scores a chilena. That went just wide but that is much better from Chelsea. 

55'   Better from Chelsea as the ball is sent in a few times. Nothing doing though as Barca deal with it.

54'   Another really good ball into the box from James. Nobody in the box to do anything with it again.

53'   Hudson-Odoi again and Mingueza comes across and sweeps up. 

52' Another mistakes from Chelsea. Barcelona lead 2-0. It was Marques again. He puts Guehi under serious pressure and wins it back with just Cumming to beat as he slots home.

51'   Hudson-Odoi has looked lively, to his credit. Ball sent into the arir and Grant fouls in the air. Still no luck for Chelsea in the final third.

49'   No massive change from Chelsea in this half. They're struggling to create anything.

49'   Barcelona win a corner. Miranda flying down the left with Sterling for company. 

47'   Collado taken down by Sterling, who is already on a yellow. He's very lucky not to be sent off.

46'   We are back underway in Nyon. Let's see if Chelsea can test Peña.

  Barcelona with 60% of possession, 11 shots on goal! Chelsea with zero.

Chelsea certainly improved once the goal went in but there lack of a presence at centre-forward is hurting them. James has sent the ball in from the right a couple of times but they're having no luck in the box. Barca backed off too and are vulnerable, as we saw against City. Chelsea will improve in the second half. 

45'   Half-time in Nyon and Barcelona are winning 1-0 thanks to a Marques goal. Chelsea improved after the goal but still haven't troubled Pena in goals.

42' Yellow card now for James for an arm, or an elbow, to the back of Miranda's head. 

41'   Abel Ruiz with another strong run. He lays it off and that's overhit looking for Perez on the left.

40'   Such a waste of a corner. It goes all the way to the back post and out for a corner. 

40'   James sends in another cross but that's blocked for a corner.

38'   Corner comes in and Miranda hits it on the volley. Blocked and falls to Perez, who tests Cumming, but he parries it to himself.

37' Puig's turn now. He strikes and it's deflected out for a corner.

37'   That cross was cleared for a throw. Chelsea back in possession.

36'   Much better from Chelsea. James sends a first time cross in from the right. Chelsea with more intensity now in their attacks. 

35'   There's a yellow card for Mingueza. Foul around the middle of the field. A tactical foul as it's often referred to as.

32' Abel Ruiz drives forward down the left. Chips it towards goal as Cumming closes him down and Marques scores with a diving header.

31'   St.Clair is late with a tackle and Barcelona win a free. They're enjoying 62% possession so far.

30'   Abel Ruiz fakes the free and Collado ends up striking it. Straight into the wall and away. 

29' Yellow for Sterling now as he fouls Puig. Late, slightly high and deserved card for the Chelsea defender.

28'   Cross delivered into the back post but that's cleared by Chelsea.

26'   Marques picks the ball up outside the box after Perez look to have been pushed over. Blocked up into the air and over Cumming, and the crossbar, for a corner. Better by Barcelona.

25'   Shot from dustance now by Perez. He was off balance and rushed as he kicked that. No chance.

24'   Ball all the way back to Pena and he let it long. Ends up at the feet of Abel Ruiz. He's isolated against James but can't go by him. All the way back to Mingueza in the end. Neither side able to do anything here and seem quite wary of pushing the boat out too much.

23'   Ball sent into Miranda but he's squeezed out by James, who uses his body well.

22'   Chelsea win the ball back and launch an attack but lose it. Maddoz fouls Collado as Barca try their own counter-attack out. 

21'   Mistake by Cumming as he comes out of his goal and clears to Abel Ruiz. Ruiz sends it back towards him and tries to chip him, maybe, but fails miserably.

20'   Referee runs into the box and tells Morey and Redan to calm things down. Sent all the way to the back post and Guehi catches Miranda with an arm to the back of the head.

20'   Chelsea win a corner. 

20'   Familio-Castillo sends it in and it's headed out.

19'  That's a free for Chelsea as Mingueza fouls Hudson-Odoi. Nice chance to whip this in, or shoot if they're feeling ambitious.

18'   Shot from Miranda but that goes blazing over the bar. Never troubling Cumming in goal.

17'   Puig with a lovely little drink into Miranda but he miscontrols it straight to Cumming. Wasted opportunity.

16'   Abel Ruiz gets in behind down the left again and catches James out. He pulls it back but Chelsea get it away. They're defending deeper now too.

15'   Miranda hits the ground in the penalty area. Puig picks it up and drives a shot but it's blocked. 

14'   Nice delivery from the set-piece but Barcelona clear.

14'   James with a dangerous cross from the right touchline. Hudson-Odoi nearly gets to it. Decent from Chelsea. They get a corner out of it.

13'   Chelsea doing a better job of keeping the ball now. Still no penetration or chances. 

10'   Chelsea being forced back constantly and Barca looking to press them into mistakes from there. Chelsea break down the left. That's before Hudson-Odoi loses out.

9'   Miranda to Ruiz as he drops out to the left where he often finds himself. It gets sent to the other side and Barca win a throw.

8'   All very tame to start this one. Nearly ten minutes in and no chances on either goal. Barca continue to dominate but Chelsea looking dangerous on the counter and when given a chance to run at the Spanish side.

7'   St.Clair with a nutmeg and he loses out as Barca have cover.

6'   Movilla to Mingueza and he brings it forward. Barca dominating the ball so far. They obviously have Cumming's ability on the ball as a weakness as they press the Chelsea keeper. Nearly scare him too!

5'   Pimienta, Barca's manager on the sideline, throwing out instructions. Not a bad start by his side.

4'   Barca win it and break. Ball played just behind Ruiz when it should have led him. He cuts back and Barcelona are forced backwards before a cross to the back post. Marques tries to get a foot to it but nothing.

4'   Collado with a foul and Chelsea back in possession.

4'   Long ball to Ruiz and Guehi heads away.

3'   Barcelona have trouble working it out, send it semi-long and it comes straight back at them. Goal kick.

3'   Maddox is fouled and Chelsea keep the ball. Barcelona press them around midfield and win it back.

2'   St.Clair runs through the middle and lays it off. Cross come in from the left and Barcleona beat it away! 

1' We are underway in Nyon!

    We've got dancers on the field now as the sides get ready for kick-off.

Here is a really comprehensive preview of Chelsea's tactics and personnel in this one to get you up to speed before the start of this one. 

It's a broken ankle that's keeping Ampadu out.

Pitch being watered. If Xavi is watching, he'll be mightily impressed. 

Barcelona have not been as convincing but are unbeaten in their five games with one 1-1 draw with Sporting Lisbon amongst those results. They beat City 5-4 in the semi-final and Atletico Madrid 2-0 in a fairly tame quarter-final that they never looked like losing. They also beat Juventus 1-0 in their first game.

The warm-ups have started and Chelsea are gearing up for this one. Just a look at their way to the final. They have beaten Porto, Real Madrid, Feyenoord, Atletico Madrid and Qarabag on their way to Nyon today. The 2-2 (5-4 win on penalties) was as close as they were pushed in the knockout stages. They are a batlle-tested side with loads of pyshicality and experience in their squad. 

Barcelona team news: Peña, Mingueza, Brandariz, Orellana, Ruiz, Collado, Carles Perez, Puig, Marques, Miranda, Morey.

Keep an eye on Collado and Ruiz today. Both were very good in the semi-final. Meanwhile, Chelsea's Harvey St. Clair is very lively on the wing and it's a pity that Ethan Ampadu isn't playing at centre-half. We'll see if they miss his presence back there.

It's 18 degrees in Nyon and "the pitch is excellent" according to the UEFA website. 

Barcelona team news: Peña, Mingueza, Brandariz, Orellana, Ruiz, Collado, Carles Perez, Puig, Marques, Miranda, Morey.

Chelsea team news: Cumming, James, Sterling, Guehi, Grant, Maddox, St.Clair, McCormack Redan, Hudson-Odoi, Familio-Castillo.

Hello and welcome to the UEFA Youth League final between Chelsea and Barcelona from Nyon! We will be providing you with all the updates as they happen. Kick-off from Switzerland is at 17:00 CEST.

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The UEFA Youth League ends on Monday with Chelsea playing Barcelona in the final at the Centre sportif de Colovray in Nyon. 

Chelsea saw off a decent Porto challenge in the semi-final having already beaten Real Madrid in Valdebebas in the quarter-final. Their pedigree in this competition is not in question and they have won it twice in its four years of existence. 

Barcelona beat Manchester City in a belting affair on Friday, which ended 5-4. City had a man sent off in the first half and might have come back to beat the Spanish side if they weren't at such a disadvantage. They were excellent, at times, in attack on that occasion but dodgy in defence and that's something the English side will look to capitalise on in the final on Monday.