Atlético to open Wanda Metropolitano to fans for Europa League final

The club want to ensure as many Atlético fans get to watch the game together as possible and give rojiblanco fans to watch the game from Madrid.

Wanda Metropolitano

Atlético Madrid will open the Wanda Metropolitano to fans "as long as UEFA grant the pertinent authorisation," according to the rojiblanco club. The move is an effort to open the stadium to those who can't travel to the game on the 16th of May against Maresille. 

"For all of the members that can't travel to Lyon as long as UEFA grant the pretinent authorisation, the club will open the Wanda Metropolitano," a statement read. "To watch the game surrounded by other Atléticos and to support the team from Madrid."

"In the next few days, the club will send out information to follow in order to attend the event," explained the statement on their official club site.