Bale states his case

It's what Bale has. A pride that seemed hidden beneath his Welsh timidity, but which has exploded in the form of a complete footballer just when everyone thought he was ready to pick up his final pay cheque and head off to the Premier League. With the final in Kiev getting ever closer, Gareth has gone into 'Eurovision mode' and stunned us all. No doubt Zidane first and foremost.

Bale a serious candidate to start against Liverpool

The Real Madrid coach had lost faith in the player for his emotional apathy which had drive the Bernabéu to desperation. But he's now turned it on to the maximum. Between his sweet strike in the Clásico and the two goals against Celta, he's stated his case for the dream final of May 26. When Bale's on form, he's unique. Against Liverpool, who play with three up front, leaving spaces behind, it's time to seriously consider starting the Welshman for a game on which Madrid's entire season rests. His second goal tonight could be put in a gallery. An authentic work of art.


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