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Luka Doncic not sure if he'll leave Real Madrid after NBA Draft

The Real Madrid point guard is a projected top two pick but might remain in Spain depending on how the Final Four goes in EuroLeague starting on Friday.

Luka Doncic not sure if he'll leave Real Madrid after NBA Draft

Luka Doncic is expected to go either first or second in the NBA Draft next month. The Phoenix Suns pick first and the Sacramento Kings will go second after the Draft Lottery during the week but the Slovenian point guard might opt to remain at Real Madrid next season.

“Ι’m not sure if these are my last two games [in EuroLeague]. We have yet to make this decision. Perhaps after the season,” Doncic said according to

The Spanish team play in the EuroLeague final four on Friday night against CSKA Moscow. Doncic is the team's primary playmaker and has plenty of leverage in the draft when it comes to picking his landing spot. He will want to get his rookie contract scale started by playing in the NBA, which is something that seems inevitable, but he can stay at Real Madrid being paid far better than he would as a rookie and wait until next year when the draft is weaker and the options that lay in front of him might be more appealing.