Klopp singles out Marcelo as a weakness in Real Madrid side

It's strange to see Klopp single out Marcelo as Real Madrid's weakness in defence. It's not exactly a revelation, as those who watch Madrid regularly will know that the Brazilian is excellent going forward but does have lapsus at the back and he's not dissimilar to his predecessor Roberto Carlos. The former left-back caused major headaches for Del Bosque with Zidane in the ranks and  Roberto Carlos covering every blade of grass from corner to corner and in the modern version of Real Madrid it's Marcelo who carries out the role as Cristiano has now moved into a more central role in the attack.

Klopp, Manager of Liverpool

Attacking threat

It's true that his flank is more prone to opponents attacking and the Bayern Munich goal at the Allianz Arena in the first leg of the semi-final is a case in point: Madrid cleared the ball, Marcelo chased it as Bayern earned a throw-in which they took quickly and the passage of subsequent play ended up with Kimmich scoring. Why did Marcelo feel the need to chase the ball down? Quite simply the Brazilian likes to play with the ball and in this case he miscalculated things. Although he may be a little suspect in defensive duties he provides a major attacking threat for opposition sides.


Focus on Marcelo

Klopp, this week has stated that his side plan to attack the flank governed by Marcelo. Why has he gone on record with this comment? There is certainly a degree of code in his message. Will this prompt Zidane to order Marcelo to remain in a more defensive role and not venture forward so much as it's true that many of the goals conceded by the Bernabeu outfit have come from the left side this season but by the same token, the left flank and Marcelo in particular has been a source of assists and goals. When the time of reckoning comes about  on Saturday, the left hand side of the pitch will see plenty of activity with Marcelo undoubtedly being involved in much of the action and I suspect that the comment by the German coach was an attempt to add a touch of pressure to the Brazilian international.