"Everything was done with Atlético but a few minor details"

The Argentinian will sign with Inter Milan but he explains to Fox Sports just how close he came to moving to Spain to play with Atlético Madrid.

Lautaro Martínez con Racing.

Lautaro Martinez told Fox Sports that he was on the brink of signing with Atlético Madrid only for "a few details that saw the deal break down". The Argentinian will sign with Inter Milan soon in a deal that could be worth €25 million but the striker says he could have as easily been a rojiblanco.

Racing were delighted when he decided to stay with them amidst Atlético Madrid interest to keep developing and when he resigned, he increased his release clause so that his club could get as much out of the inevitable move as possible. "It's crazy," he says in relation to the amount he will eventually move for. "The nine million of the clause seemed like a lot of money." 

"I decided to stay at Racing to keep learning," he says. "I had made the decision, with Atlético everything was done but a few details in the operation forced it to break down."

The 20-year-old dazzled the Argentinian league and saw him make Jorge Sampaoli's initial 35-man squad for the World Cup. He lost out eventually with Higuain, Aguero and Dybala picked to go to Russia in the end. He says he is upset not to have made it but admits he needs to keep working for what is coming down the road. "To play beside the best would have been something beautiful to crown this semester," he says.