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Diego Costa on VAR, De Gea, Lopetegui and that Pepe 'foul'

The Atlético Madrid and Spanish national team striker spoke with Deportes Cuatro about the incredible game against Portugal and much more.

Diego Costa on VAR, De Gea, Lopetegui and that Pepe 'foul'

Spain's Diego Costa had a jovial interview with Spanish sports programme Deportes Cuatro in which he was asked about the incident with Portugal defender Pepe that led to him opening the scoring for his side as well as much more related to the World Cup...

Did you foul Pepe in the challenge ahead of the first goal?

"I saw it afterwards. You could give a foul. It's the referee's interpretation. He didn't whistle because he had already blown for the penalty [Nacho on Cristiano]

Was that your best performance with the national team?

"I think so, I had to have a game like that. Not only for the goals. I was involved a lot with the team and felt comfortable."

Diego Costa of Spain celebrates with team mates after scoring his team's second goal during the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia group B match against Portugal.

It was very calm with Pepe

"On the field, good friends. He kicked me and said sorry. With the cameras there, we have to be friendly."

You looked more relaxed

"I'm always calm. When players start touching me... it gets me warmed up, but it's all good."

Spain's Diego Costa in challenge with Portugal's Pepe.

What are your thoughts on VAR

"I don't like it. Not for that, not for the fighting. The other day I scored goal but I didn't know whether to celebrate or not. If there is a questionable part of the play, you don't celebrate. It can make you look stupid."

Is there a good atmosphere with the national team?

"I have been with the national team for four years and there have always been good vibes. As much as there are people from Madrid, Barça, Atleti... we are a family. We do things together, joke around. I thought it was different, that there were some silliness, but the guys get on really well. And what happened with the coach has united us even more. We are a group of players, but we are a family. We are here for a month and we have to put everything we have into it."

What did you think about Lopetegui's sacking?

"It's something that won't happen again in the world of football, not just two days before [the game]. Some things have to be respected. This is a decision for people above us and that's that. In life, this can always happen."

A new role for Julen Lopetegui.

Do you have anything to share about De Gea?

"David knows we have confidence in him. Obviously when something like that happens, you get sad or angry, but people haven't become negative, we have embraced him. We didn't want to go into it too much, he knows what he did."