De Gea says Spain "f**ked" after World Cup exit... except he didn't

David de Gea took to social media with what appeared to be an X-rated assessment of Spain after going out of the World Cup to Russia.

World Cup: De Gea says Spain are "f**ked"... except he didn't

Spain goalkeeper David de Gea took to social media on Monday to express his gratitude for the support the team received during their unsuccessful 2018 World Cup campaign, and also to thank those who "criticised us with respect".

Thanks those who showed the Spain team "respect"

Spain, and in particular De Gea, have been panned for their performance at the tournament, and in a Spanish post accompanied by an English translation, he appeared to make reference to his and the team's more ferocious detractors when he wrote: "To whom supported, suffered and criticised us with respect, thanks".

Appears to offer X-rated assessment of World Cup exit

The Manchester United man also seemed to offer a blunt, foul-mouthed assessment of the current state of the Spanish national side in the wake of their surprise last-16 exit to hosts Russia on Sunday - but it was merely a case of a far more benign sentiment getting lost in translation.

De Gea says Spain are "f**ked" (but he meant "gutted")

De Gea raised eyebrows among anglophone readers by ending his English-language message with the comment: "We're f**ked but we'll get up again and never give up." However, the phrase "estamos jodidos" in the original Spanish would more accurately translate as the wholly more innocuous "we're gutted".