UEFA to review PSG's Financial Fair Play ruling

After Paris Saint-Germain were previously cleared of breaching FFP regulations, UEFA is set to review the decision.

UEFA to review PSG's Financial Fair Play ruling

UEFA has announced a review into a ruling that cleared Paris Saint-Germain of breaching UEFA's Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations.

European football's governing body last month concluded its investigation into transfer contracts and management related accounts at PSG.

UEFA said its club financial control body (CFCB) deemed PSG's accounts to be in line with FFP rules, although transfer activity at the Ligue 1 champions would continue to be monitored.

UEFA to review PSG ruling

But on Tuesday UEFA said the chairman of the CFCB has now opted to "send this decision for review by the adjudicatory chamber".

UEFA added: "This announcement does not pre-judge in any way the result of the review to be conducted by the adjudicatory chamber of the CFCB."

Since the end of the 2017-18 campaign, the Ligue 1 champions have seen a number of big-money departures, including Javier Pastore's switch to Roma.

And they believe that activity shows their commitment to meet UEFA's guidelines.

In response, PSG said: "The club was informed of the wish of the trial chamber of the CFCB to review the closing decision of the investigation made by its investigating chamber on 13 June.

"The club states that it has made a significant number of transfers in recent days to comply with the decision of the CFBC and that it will continue, as it has since September 1, 2017, to provide all the information requested by the CFCB and UEFA."

Last week, UEFA announced AC Milan have been banned from the 2018-19 Europa League due to breaching FFP rules.