Super Cup: single game to be played on 12 August in Tangiers

RFEF president Luis Rubiales confirmed today that the Spanish Super Cup will be played in Tangiers with Barcelona and Sevilla receiving 6000 tickets each.

Super Cup: single game to be played on 12 August in Tangiers

This year's edition of the Spanish Super Cup will break from the usual format in that rather than be held over two legs with both finalists playing home and away, the trophy will be contested in one, single game at a neutral venue, RFEF president Luis Rubiales confirmed this afternoon. Next month's final between Barcelona and Sevilla will be held on Sunday 12 August, "most likely", in Tangiers, north Africa. 

Clubs to be compensated

Rubiales explained how the Federation arrived at the decision during this morning's Asssembly: "Why Tangiers? There are several economic factors. By staging the match in Tangiers, the compensation will be greater - due to travel and accomodation costs. Each club will receive an allocation of 6,000 tickets with the rest of the tickets to be sold online".

Playing conditions and fierce heat: "We need to be given permission from FIFA. If there is a heatwave that day, there will be nothing we can do, but normally, after 8-9pm, temperatures begin to drop under 30 degrees. By 5th August, the players won't have had enough time back with their squads to prepare. Why the 12th and not the 19th? It would clash with the opening weekend of the league and we don't want any problems with LaLiga, who have told us that  harm them economically".

Other options: "We have studied other options, but economically, they wouldn't be worthwhile. We want to fill the stadium for the Super Cup, and that's why we looked for a smaller sized venue but holding the match either in Seville or Barcelona didn't give us the possibility of doing that, and besides the clubs were not keen to do that. LaLiga and the AFE fully back the RFEF's decision".