Carvajal has a pop at Ramos' incredibly snug shirt on Instagram

Dani Carvajal wait for two days for revenge on Instagram after Ramos made fun of the size of his t-shirt on Instagram.

Sergio Ramos y Dani Carvajal en Instagram.

Sergio Ramos, central defender for Real Madrid, showed off a fresh new look on Instagram. Dani Carvajal took him down a peg or two, however, when he noticed the shirt Ramos was wearing was a little more snug than necessary.


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Carvajal replied "One size more..." to his tight-fitting blue shirt. The right-back had been waiting for revenge. Ramos, the outspoken fashion guru, had taken aim at Ramos two days previous. 

On a Carvajal post that showed him posing in black and white, Ramos wrote "An XS Nike top, Carva...! Amazing...!" We'll keep an eye on who strikes next.


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