Champions League

Napoli may play home Champions League games 'away'

Aurelio De Laurentiis has described the situation with Napoli's Stadio San Paolo home as a "nightmare" ahead of the Champions League groups.

Napoli could play Champions League games in Bari, De Laurentiis confirms

Napoli have applied to Uefa to play their home Champions League matches 160 miles away in Bari, president Aurelio De Laurentiis has confirmed.

No Naples for Liverpool, PSG and Red Star

De Laurentiis indicated problems with Napoli's "nightmare" Stadio San Paolo home means he has applied for dispensation to play their group games elsewhere.

The Stadio San Nicola, a venue for the 1990 World Cup, is a three-hour drive across the country from Naples but De Laurentiis has offered to pay for his club's fans to travel.

Napoli are due to host Liverpool on October 3 but the location of that match could now be in doubt following De Laurentiis' comments at the European Club Association assembly.

"The stadium of Napoli is a nightmare," De Laurentiis, who also owns Bari, told Corriere dello Sport. "Such a bad stadium limits the status of Napoli at an international level.

"It will take two years but I am going to build a new stadium so nobody can tell me anything. That's how I am going to end controversies. If I have the money and the land to build a new stadium the project can begin.

"I've asked Uefa to play Champions League games at Bari's San Nicola, I am open to paying the transportation for Napoli fans."

Napoli's other Champions League home games are against Paris Saint-Germain on November 6 and Red Star Belgrade on November 28.