Madrid and Barça, united by third shirt tonal harmony

Both club's kit manufacturers Adidas and Nike have launched similar coloured change and third kits for the past three seasons.

Terceras camisetas de Real Madrid y Barcelona en la temporada 2018-2019.

Eagle eyed shirt football connoisseurs have observed that for the past three seasons, the third shirts for both Spanish giants FC Barcelona and Real Madrid have shared a similar tone of colour.

Earlier today Nike and Barça revealed the new third shirt for the 2018/19 season to be worn by the Catalan club and observers on social media were quick to point out the similarity in colour once again rears it's head.

Evolución de las camisetas suplentes de Barcelona y Real Madrid desde la temporada 2016-2017.

Both teams featured a purple third shirt for the 2016/17 season with a light blue shirt being the colour selected by both clubs last season. Once again this season both sides will wear a similar colour shirt in those occasions when the third shirt is called into action. Coincidence or calculated marketing?