We figured it out - 76ers' Markelle Fultz rebuilds jump shot

After plenty of work during the offseason, Markelle Fultz's jump shot appears to be fixed.

We figured it out - 76ers' Markelle Fultz rebuilds jump shot

Philadelphia 76ers guard Markelle Fultz has been working on his jump shot during the offseason, and it appears to be fixed. 

Fultz's new and improved jumper was revealed in a Players' Tribune video published on Thursday.

The guard was making baskets again after struggling with injuries and a hitch in his shot throughout his rookie season. 

"I knew that I got drafted number one pick for a reason. There was a lot of things going on about changing shots and all this and the third," Fultz said.

"But for me, I'm a hooper so I was like, 'man, this ain't going to stop me.' People really didn't understand. They thought like, 'man, he's just being soft.'

"But I mean it was really an injury. And now I got a chance to sit down and pick apart all these doctors. We figured it out, and I've been back to work this summer. And everything's back to even better than what it was."

During the offseason, Fultz has been working with trainer Drew Hanlen, who said in June he expected the shot to be perfect by the end of the summer. Hanlen also explained Fultz had a case of "the yips" during his rookie season, "where he completely forgot how to shoot."

Hanlen is known for the work he's done with Bradley Beal, Jayson Tatum and Joel Embiid.

Fultz, selected by the 76ers with the number one overall pick in the 2017 draft, averaged 7.1 points per game and attempted a single three-pointer in just 14 regular-season appearances in 2018. He fell out of Philadelphia's playoff rotation, totalling 23 minutes in three postseason games.