Spain 2-3 England

Sergio Ramos defends himself over reported Sterling stamp

The Real Madrid defender took to Twitter to prove his innocence after receiving abuse from England fans and media about the alleged challenge.


"Nothing else to say". That was the simple message from Spain's Sergio Ramos who took to Twitter to defend himself from accusations from English media after the UEFA Nations League clash between the rival countries.

Ramos avoids Sterling

The off-the-ball incident in question was with the Three Lions' hero on the night, Raheem Sterling. Claims had been made in England that the Real Madrid captain had stamped on the leg of the Manchester City winger, and the defender chose social media as his platform to put the record straight.

Along with his message, written in both Spanish and English, Ramos posted a video clip of the moment he was alleged to have stood on Sterling's leg. As can be seen in the slo-mo replay, he jumps away from the player lying on the pitch in David de Gea's penalty area, with the players' boots clipping each other as he does.

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Dier challenge on Ramos

Another incident that got Ramos plenty of attention in the southern part of the United Kingdom was when he found himself of the recieving end of a thundering challenge from Eric Dier. Former England manager Sam Allardyce was one of those impressed by Dier's intervention, saying "I loved it! A tackle like that can help the level of the game".

Reckless | Refeee Szymon Marciniak shows a yellow card to England's Eric Dier after a needless challenge on Sergio Ramos of Spain.

After the game Allardyce said that the Spurs holding midfielder was as good as Barça's Sergio Busquets, which resulted in many people questioning his footballing knowledge.