• first half
  • 15'
  • 30'
  • second half
  • 60'
  • 75'
  • 90'

10' Coutinho

29' Luis Suárez

37' Rakitic

68' Out Rafinha in Nelson Semedo

74' Luis Suárez

73' Out Coutinho in Ousmane Dembélé

76' Luis Suárez

82' Luis Suárez

83' Out Arthur Melo in Vidal

86' Vidal

Real Madrid

38' Nacho

49' Marcelo

45' Out Varane in Lucas Vázquez

52' Bale

76' Out Bale in Marco Asensio

81' Out Marcelo in Mariano


Barcelona 5-1 Real Madrid match report: El Clásico

Barcelona's Luis Suárez stepped up in the absence of Messi to score a hat-trick against Real Madrid. Coutinho and Vidal got the other two. Marcelo scored at the start of the second half.

Barcelona 5-1 Real Madrid match report: El Clásico
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Barcelona 5-1 Real Madrid: match report

Julen Lopetegui said he expected to be still breathing after the Clásico but Barcelona were giving not a single breath to the idea of being beaten by Real Madrid at the Camp Nou on Sunday night.

With no Messi, it was Luis Suárez who stole the show with a hat-trick and he could have had four with Real Madrid falling apart as the seconds ticked by.

Casemiro summed it up when he said "we are a disaster" after the game and despite a brief, bright spell at the start of the second half, this was abject from los Blancos as they fought for their manager's job.

The writing was on the wall after Jordi Alba streaked down the field and played the ball back to Coutinho, who had plenty of time to settle, readjust and slot home beyond a scrambling Real Madrid back line.

Real Madrid had no time to readjust, however, as their previous principles of possession and control went out the window. Barcelona were throwing the ball around and Real Madrid's attack was almost non-existent with a number of harmless long rangers the sum of their attacking success.

Raphael Varane, who was carrying an injury from the middle of the first half, was caught out by a savvy Suarez when he nipped in front of the defender and he kicked his calf. The referee had doubts but VAR restored his clarity as he returned from the booth and pointed to the spot.

The Uruguayan brushed himself off and slotted beyond Courtois despite the Belgian's best efforts.

Changes were needed for Real Madrid or there was every chance this would turn into a memorably embarrassing performance for them. Lucas Vazquez came on at the break for Varane and he did start to influence play.

At rhe start of the second half, it seemed like Real Madrid had survived their worst nightmare and figured it couldn't get any worse. They were playing with pomp and had a response within five minutes of the restart. It came down the right and Isco squared. Marcelo chested it to himself, found his compsure and slotted it home to give los Blancos a fighting chance.

It gave Barcelona a jumpstart to though and after Modric hit the base of the post when he probably should have score, it was as close as Real Madrid would come to smelling success.

Luis Suarez made it 3-1 on 75 minutes when Dembele found Roberto and he had oceans of space to cross to Suarez. His precise header looped beyond Courtois and the floogates opened. It was 4-1 when Suarez recieved another pass from Roberto after Ramos chested the ball into his path. Like a man with plenty of confidence to spare, he chipped over the oncoming Courtois to finish the game as a contest.

Arturo Vidal, the substitue who had just come on, headed home to make it five just minutes later as Real Madrid heads hung and the Camp Nou rocked.

Heads will roll in Madrid for this performance and result and while Isco said Florentino Perez will have to start sacking players too if he fires the coach, that might be starting to sound like a good idea for the president.

Barcelona are back top of the league and Real Madrid are back to the drawing board after this beating in Barcelona.

Barcelona - Real Madrid live online: live match updates

90'+2'   GAME OVER! Lopetegui and Valverde shake hands and that should do it for Lopetegui, you'd imagine.

90'+1'   Benzema shoots wide. Really poor effort in a one-on-one.

90'   Offide by Nelson as he shoots. Every single time they attack and Barcelona could score. 

90'   Suarez nearly makes it six. Good lord, the Camp Nou is loving this. 

89'   Real Madrid have given up here. Asensio's defending for that last one was a shambles.

87' VIDAL! Real Madrid concede their fifth and it's Artuto Vidal who heads home. Cross from Dembele and he is wide open.

84' Vidal comes on for Barcelona and Arthur makes way.

81' GOAL! Sergio Ramos tries to chest the ball down and instead he just plays it straight to a Sergi Roberto. It's sent through to Luis Suarez and he chips it over Courtois. This is a procession for Barcelona.

81' Mariano coming on for Real Madrid. He replaces Marcelo. 

80'   Marcelo's Clásico is over. 

80'   A quick break from Barcelona and they can't direct the header with any power towards goal. 

78'   Referee over again as Vazquez gets fouled and Alba gets a talking to although he won't be booked. Maybe didn't deserve a booking to be fair.

77' Asensio comes on for Bale.

77' Suarez goes in on Nacho and he gets booked. Referee heads over to the bench and has a word with someone. 

73' WHAT A GOAL! Suarez with the finish. Dembele plays it out to Roberto and he chips it towards Suarez and he heads past Courtois. That should do it.

73' Dembele coming off for Coutinho.

73'   Lovely ball down to Roberto from Rakitic but Casemiro does enough to get back and uses his body to shield the ball. Back to Courtois. 

72'   Marcelo tries to send one inside and he succeeds but it's straight into the arms of Ter Stegen.

71'   Isco tries to find Benzema and that pass is too far ahead of him. Not Isco's finest games.

70'   Dembele is coming on! 

70'   Offside from Benzema. 

69'   Barcelona shutting up shop a little bit here with Sergi Roberto probably set to push forward.

69' Semedo comes on for Rafinha. 

68'   Benzema heads over the bar. This is way to tense for Barcelona. Vazquez with the delivery after Alba was caught out. He heads over and he should have done better. 

67'  Real Madrid counter with Isco on the right. He gets clipped and loses it though. He wins a throw in the end.

66'   Corner for Barcelona. Suarez absolutely battling to the last second. He puts pressure on two defenders and nearly causes a mistake before following that up and kicking it off Vazquez for a corner. 

65' Kroos absolutely cleaned out of it in the air and Rafinha is a lucky chap not to be booked.

65'   Corner. Alba playing as a striker! Coutinho with a lovely ball into him and Ramos blocks it for a corner. 

62'   Isco has the ball intisde the area and he shoots, blocked. Real Madrid win it back as Barcelona cough it up. Isco shot again and it's blocked. he was offside anyway but Real Madrid fans not happy with Isco being blocked in the exact same way on two occasions, one after another.

61'   It actually hits the post and it was a strike with his right foot. That all happened so very quickly that I didn't see it. Lightening quick attack from Barcelona.

61'   What a chance! Suarez heads from point blank range and Courtois saves it. Almost three. 

61'   Barcelona cough it up and Isco can't break. Barcelona get it back. 

60'   Rakitic fouled in the middle of the field. They really needed that after a sustained spell of pressure from Real Madrid.

59'   Ball crossed in now and that's no use really as it flies over everyone's head. 

58'   Benzemz down the left now and wins another corner for Real Madrid. Nice work by Real Madrid. Barcelona are all over the place.

56'   Marcelo on the left. Plays it inside Isco and he shoots but it's out for a throw in the end. Really, really wide in other words. 

56'   Real Madrid are back to life! Modric hits the base of the post. 

55'   Ball sent into the box. Falls to Benzema and he can't hit it cleanly. Real Madrid keep it and it's crossed in. Ramos heads it over. 

54'   A nasty one on Bale as Lenglet takes him down. 

53'   He launches it up the field and Real Madrid counter but can't do anything with it. 

53'   Crossed in by Coutinho and Courtois gathers it. 

52' Corner for Barcelona. Bale booked in retrospect. Barcelona will want to take control of this one again. 

51' MARCELO GOAL! It's 2-1. Vazquez with the cross and Isco gets it, chests it down and slots home. Poor defending from Barcelona but nice finish from Madrid. They have a chance. 

50'   Suarez breaks down the middle and has a man overlapping. He tries to flick it out wide and it's cut out. 

49'   Marcelo with a lovely cross and Benzema can't get a head to it. 

47'   Ball across in search of Vazquez but Alba cuts it out. He is having an excellent game on the left.

46'   We are back underway.

46' Vazquez comes on for Varane.

Vazquez comes on for Varane.

Barcelona raring to go in the tunnel. 

They're being played off the park here. 

Where does Lopetegui go from here? He has to make a change but where?

45'+1'   Half-time. What a horrible half for Real Madrid. Too easy for Barcelona. 

45'+1'   Kroos cross and it's mishit by Isco. Suarez and Barcelona break. They had men over and Suarez has a shot disguised as a cross and that's miles wide. So nearly three. 

45'   Isco fouls as Kroos gets set to send this towards goal. 

44'   Bale controls the ball with his head. Alba recovers and puts it out for a throw. 

43'   Suarez cross and Pique nearly heads it home. Well, not nearly, but he sent it back towards goal and had Courtoiuis scrambling for it.

41'   Barcelona really all over a poor Real Madrid here. 

39' Nacho is one frustrated man. He goes in late on Coutinho and gets booked.

38' There's the first yellow on Rakitic as he fouls Kroos. That should put an end to the cynical fouling. 

37'   That is lovely from Busquets as he turns Isco inside out. Ball out to Alba and his cros is too high for Suarez. 

36'   Raphael Varane puts it out for a throw.

36'   Bale's revenge. He catches Pique late now and clatters into him after the foul. 

35'   Pique trips up Bale out the field again and Real Madrid with a chance to whip it in. 

34'   Marcelo with a pass down the line and it's out for a throw.

31'   Coutinho with a cross now and it's blocked for a corner. 

31'   Busquets with a foul and Barcelona are taking the sting out of every single attack by Real Madrid almost. Very cynical but very smart. 

29' Suarez to take. He slots it home. Courtois went the right way and it's a great penalty. 

29'   PENALTY!

29'   Referee calls for VAR! 

28'   Varane caught out and catches Suarez' calf and that should be a penalty. Referee says no but that should be a penalty. 

25'   They keep the ball though. Modric plays it to Isco and Barcelona get a foot in but Isco keeps it and crosses. Ball lands out to Ramos and he strikes from way out. Saved easily by Ter Stegen. 

25'   Real Madrid with a rare spell of possession. Bale crowded out and turned upside down as Barcelona foul him. Strategic foul really as it's in the middle with no advantage for Real Madrid on the free. 

23'   Nacho crosses and Alba gets it out for a throw. 

22'   Barcelona completely controlling this one. Alba inside to Coutinho and he tries to flick one towards Suarez but they were on different pages. 

21'   Ball out to Nacho and he miscontrols it. Out for a throw. Just when it looked like Real Madrid were getting better.

20'   Looked like a foul on Bale and referee tells him to get up. Foul in the end by Casemiro as the referee runs off to restart play. Not getting involved in any afters here. Real Madrid improving here. 

19'   Balloons on the field. Ramos with a really poor clearance to Nacho. He puts him in serious trouble and Arthur strikes. What a save from Courtois! 

17'   Suarez and Ramos tangle. Referee says not to a free and he's right. 

17'   Marcelo tries his luck and it bounces up to Ter Stegen and he gathers it eventually. 

16'   Real Madrid recover and Benzema plays inside and Kroos goes in hard on Rafinha. A proper Clásico tackle that! Both players straight back up again. 

15'   Ball out to Alba again. Nacho struggling against the left-back. 

14'   Ball to the back post from Sergi Roberto. He controls it and Barcelona keep it. 

13'   Bale with a shot on his left. But that's no use really as it bounces up to Ter Stegen. 

11' Coutinho scores. Barcelona go 1-0 up and they take the lead at the Camp Nou. Coutinho slides it home. Alba in over the top and Nacho and the rest of Real Madrd's defence asleep. 

10'   Busquets on the ball in the middle. Barcelona with loads of possession but not really doing anything with it. 

9'   Barcelona try the left hand side. Alba crosses and Real Madrid get it away. Barcelona recover and continue up the field. 

8'   Bale down the left and he sends one into the area. Benzema catches it lovely. He drives it over the bar but made very nice contact. 

7'   Rafinha out to Sergi Roberto. Real Madrid recover. Massive pressure from Barcelona and a few Real Madrid players nearly get caught. Throw for Los Blancos in the end. 

6'   Ramos comes in from behind Rafinha and gets a serious talking to by the referee. Could have been a yellow but referee gives him the benefit of the doubt. 

5'   Courtois grabs it.

5'   Nice play from Barcelona and it ends up being crossed in after it looked like Real Madrid won it but Barcelona pounced and won it back. 

5'   Courtois recieves the ball from the back and clears. He took a touch and I'm sure there were Madridistas around the world holding their breathe. 

4'   Long ball over the top and Varane heads it out. Free for Real Madrid in the end as Ramos takes. 

4'   Ball down towards Benzema and that's safely into the hands Ter Stegen. 

3'   Luis Suarez somewhere close but that's not close enough. Decent ball though. 

3'   Ball across from the left. 

2'   Isco into Benzema. He was offside but that looked close. He was though according to the replay. 

1'   Barcelona on the ball to start. Isco is out on the left. Real Madrid pressing when Barcelona get it in midfield. No luck yet though as they size up the opponents. 

1'   We are underway in the Clásico! 

    It's time! 

    Teams on the field and exchange handshakes. 

    That Nacho issue might turn into nothing but a little strange that they would go to the hassle of warming up with Odriozola if it wasn't something. It's one to keep an eye on as Real Madrid are really light on the bench for defenders. 


    It looked like Nacho wasn't going to be able to start as Odriozola joined the first team to start but now Nacho is back in with the XI again.

    Are Real Madrid better off without Cristiano?

    Here are five players who need to step up their recent performances in order for Madrid to avoid defeat today. 

    This, late on, with Vidal versus Ramos would be very interesting. 

    It's 12 degrees in Barcelona and they had plenty of rain in the last couple of days. 

    Real Madrid make their way onto the field for their warm up. It's chilly in Barcelona as you can see from their gear. They are wearing snoods and long sleeves. 

    Lopetegui arrives and he looks like a man who is very stressed. 

    A man who will not be playing in the Clásico and who didn't have the best finish with Real Madrid, still says he hopes his former club have a very happy Clásico.

    Another man who has been left out of the starting XI today is Ousmane Dembele. He was late for the Inter game and Valverde confirmed as much but said he wasn't really worried about that as they are conerned with footballing matters. He is keen to work his way into the team though!

    After Vinicius had his suspension overturned, he doesn't even make the bench. 

    Lopetegui said he was very clear as to who he would start today and said it would be an eleven we were used to seeing. He drafts Nacho in at right-back to fill that hole as Odriozola is just finding his feet at the club. Isco comes back after playing the last two games after his appendicitis operation and it looks like it might be a 4-4-2 from the Madrid manager. Zero surprises here really as Lopetegui tries to cling onto his job.

    Seri Roberto starts at right-back and Semedo is on the bench. Some thought he might play both with Roberto in place of Rafinha to really solidify that wing but maybe that's an option for later in the game. 

    So, we have our team news and Valverde springs no surprises on us. Rafinha does indeed start in place of Messi. He was good against Inter and scored the goal that put them ahead. Valverde said he was impressed with him and said he brought many things that others don't. More stability, you might think, as Dembele has been questioned in the past over his losing of the ball and defensive attributes. 


    Real Madrid XI: Courtois, Nacho, Ramos, Varane, Marcelo, Casemiro, Kroos, Modric, Isco, Bale, Benzema.

    Barcelona XI: Ter Stegen, Sergi Roberto, Piqué, Lenglet, Jordi Alba, Busquets, Rakitic, Arthur, Rafinha, Coutinho, Luis Suárez.

    Lopetegui and his assistant Alberto Celades stand in the circle with a brief chat. This could be it for both of them! 

    Hello and welcome to THE BIG ONE! It's El Clásico and it's got so many storylines and narratives that we are losing count. But we will try to bring each and everyone of them to you and everything that happens on the field to in the preview and during out live commentary right here! Kick-off is at 16:15 from the Camp Nou and we will have team news very soon.

Barcelona - Real Madrid live online: El Clásico preview

Regardless of the circumstances, it feels like the build-up to El Clásico lasts weeks. Given what has happened in both camps over the last number of weeks, however, we might be entering into the most unpredictable clash between these two Spanish giants in recent years. Cristiano Ronaldo is gone, Lionel Messi is injured and it's the first Clásico without either since 2007. Julen Lopetegui's job hangs by a thread despite the trouble Real Madrid went through and his sacrifice to sit on the bench for the club. Ernesto Valverde hasn't convinced for Barcelona with just one win in five games in the league for Barcelona and the spotlight, more than usual, is on the two coaches with no standout player to focus on.

For the home side, Lionel Messi is obviously the big miss. Attention has turned from the Argentinian wizard to who will replace him, and also a surprising statistical look at how Barca are better without him. Ousmane Dembele started the season in cracking form but has fallen off as concern continues to grow over the French record signing. He is in the squad but Rafinha could start ahead of him and Arthur has been stealing headlines too with his powerful displays in midfield. Samuel Umtiti and Thomas Vermaelen are out and Clement Lenglet will start in defence with more questions over Sergi Roberto and where rather than if he will play. 

Meanwhile, Real Madrid are missing Ronaldo and will be gone from the Santiago Bernabeu a lot longer than Messi will be from the Camp Nou. The Portuguese's absence is permanent and there are plenty of players who need to step up their performances in his stead. And his goals are being missed. The debate continues as to whether it will be a 4-4-2 with Isco, which they played against Roma and provided their best display of the season. Alvaro Odriozola has failed to impress and Nacho could start at right back after Lucas Vazquez started there against Viktoria Plzen midweek during a meek showing by Real Madrid in which they won 2-1. Varane, after a horror show against Levante, should return and Marcelo trained fully and should be ready. The question after all of those other questions, or maybe before them is what Lopetegui needs to do to keep his job with this date being marked in the diary for quite some time as the day of reckoning.