Puyol quips, "I'm glad Piqué's realized football's a 24-hour job"

The former Barça captain came back with a great riposte when asked about Gerard Piqué's comments on Dembélé's fondness of the Barcelona nightlife.


There are many reasons why Carles Puyol was one LaLiga's greatest captains and his ability to diffuse tense situations was just one of his qualities. He was in fine form today when asked about Gerard Piqué's advice to Ousmane Dembélé, who has tested Ernesto Valverde's patience to the limit with his time-keeping, attitude problems and an alleged fondess for revelling in Barcelona's nightlife when off-duty. Piqué suggested that Dembélé should take not that football is a 24-hour job and Puyol, quick as a flash, gave a witty response to reporters.

Puyol one-liner

"I think it's great that he's finally realized that football is a 24-hour job, eh Gerard?" Puyol chuckled. "Seriously though, he does and as you all know, Gerard's return to Barça was very important for me because I really did live football 24 hours a day - but you also need to reserve a little time to relax, enjoy life and have a good time too - that's what he taught me. But it's true that when you are involved in competition at the very top level, it demands looking after yourself well and being focused on football and that's what you have to do if you want to stay fit and play at the top".