River Plate fan filmed strapping flares to child facing prison time

After using specialised software and inspecting social media records, the guilty woman will be spending time in prison rather than attending the rearranged fixture.


Disturbing images shared of the a woman placing flares under the clothes of a child in an attempt to smuggle them into El Monumental for the River Plate vs Boca Juniors final have lead to her arrest

Child flare woman arrested

After the image of the preparatory action was shared on social media, police went to work on finding and arresting the culprits. Only 24 hours later the woman in question has been located and will be brought to justice. She will be tried by the courts and is expected to face a prison sentence of between two and six years.

The lead prosecutor, Adriana Bellavigna, took charge of the case and began the investigation with the city of Buenos Aires' Judicial Investigation Body. They were able to identify the guilty party through the use of specialised software and with detailed reviews of social network activity. The watch on the woman's arm was key to accelerating the arrest.

The much-anticipated second-leg of the Copa Libertadores final has been postponed due to incidents outside the stadium ahead of kick-off. Needless to say, this woman will be unlikely to see it.