Betis - Valencia

Joaquín scores direct from a corner

Betis legend Joaquín put his side 2-0 up in the semi-final Copa del Rey match against Valencia with an olympic goal.

Joaquín scores from a corner

Joaquín, the irrepressible Betis player, added to his status as a club legend tonight, scoring direct from a corner to put his side 2-0 up against Valencia at the Benito Villamarín in the first leg of the Copa del Rey semi-final. The game ended 2-2, setting us up perfectly for the second leg.

Joaquín celebrates his goal

Joaquín starts celebrating olympic goal

Joaquín sent a viciously curling corner across from the left side that was palmed away from just inside the near post by the Valencia keeper Domenech. A scramble over the rebound ensued but Joaquín had started celebrating at the corner flag as he realised the keeper hadn't actually stopped the ball going directly over the line.

Referee Del Cerro was advised by the VAR that Joaquín's corner had gone straight in, leading to wild celebrations around the Benito Villamarín, none bigger than Joaquín's...

Joaquín straight to the top of Twitter

The olympic goal from Joaquín hit social media instantly, becoming the number one trending topic in Spain within seconds of the goal being awarded, and racking up nearly 50,000 tweets before the match was finished.