How Vinicius plans to improve: weights, video analysis and extra shooting

The Brazilian is still very young and he is in love with Real Madrid so he is working hard to make sure it is a love affair that continues for a very long time.

How Vinicius plans to improve: weights, video analysis and extra shooting
Chema Moya EFE

Vinicius' breakthrough at Real Madrid is the fruit of focused work on improving where he needs to improve. The Brazilian is leaving nothing to chance and the extra hours of work he is putting in are starting to show. "There are things Vinicius has to learn," Solari said after Celta Vigo's B side played Real Madrid Castilla and the 18-year-old was sent off. The Argentine was still in charge of the B team and Vinicius had played just five games in Spain. 10 games later and Solari was named as the new manager of Real Madrid with Melilla in the Copa his debut game in charge. Vinicius started and finished that game and after, Solari repeated, "he has a lot of things to learn." Solari added that he needs important minutes to improve. Vinicius listened and is working harder than anyone to get better and reach his potential.

As revealed the Brazilian is one of the first to arrive at Valdebebas to get a personalised training plan in an effort to pack on muscle and increase his strength. He is currently working the club's fitness coaches but with overtraining a real concern, his work in the gym and in the pool is aimed at reducing the risk of injury also.

Video analysis of opponents' weaknesses

At the end of training, he can still be seen on the field taking extra shots from set-pieces and open play. His finishing is one of his weaknesses and he is trying to improve in that area. His extra work is not limited to work in the training ground, however, and he watches almost every game in the league that he can. He does this to pick out the strengths and weaknesses of opposing defences so he can exploit them in the future.

Little by little, he has been winning the love and respect of the dressing room. Casemiro and Marcelo have been his guides and he listens too all of their advice. He has said he is in love with the club and he says it is a love affair that will last many years. At the moment, he is working hard to make sure that's the case.