Neymar gets tearful speaking about Messi

"Honestly, it's difficult, very difficult for me to talk about Messi," said the PSG striker.


Speaking about former Barcelona team mate Lionel Messi became an emotional affair for Neymar in an interview for Brazilian television.

The Argentine and Brazilian shared a dressing room for four seasons during the latter’s time at Camp Nou before his move to PSG for a world-record fee of 222 million euros.

Neymar arrived in Barcelona as a 21-year-old from Santos in 2013 and was quickly taken under Messi’s wing. And in the interview with Esporte Espetacular on Brazil’s GloboTV, the PSG striker was brought to tears when recalling his time spent with the Argentine superstar, whom he said helped him at a moment when he needed it most.

"Honestly, it's difficult, very difficult for me to talk about Messi, because it was very special for me at Barcelona, I say this to everybody,” 27-year-old Brazilian said.

“At the moment when I needed the most support, the best player in the world arrived and gave me a hand. He said: ‘Come here, I'm here to help you’.”

He went on to explain that on his arrival at Barcelona, Messi advised him not to be “shy” and not to be afraid of neither him nor “anyone at the club”.

During his time at Camp Nou, Neymar scored 105 goals in 186 games and became regarded to be the third greatest player in the world after Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. 

The full interview will be broadcast on GloboTV on 3 March.