Florentino Pérez and Ramos in huge dressing room row: "Pay me up and I'll go"

The Real Madrid president berated the squad for their attitude; Ramos replied blaming Pérez for the disastrous season.

Florentino Pérez and Ramos in huge dressing room row: "Pay me up and I'll go"

Real Madrid's elimination from the Champions League provoked a furious row in the dressing room at the Bernabéu between club president Florentino Pérez and captain Sergio Ramos, who had missed the game after being suspended for forcing a yellow card in the opening leg of the tie against Ajax.

Pérez angry with Real Madrid players

Florentino was waiting for the players after the match and berated them for their attitude during the game. The president continued for several minutes, attacking the players for their lack of dedication and excessive time off, going as far as to use the term "disgraceful".

At that point Ramos responded, accusing Pérez and his board of poor planning and blaming them for the disastrous season. "Pay me up and I'll go" the captain said in the heat of the debate. And then, looking directly at the president, Ramos continued: "I've given everything and busted a gut for this badge, for this club and even for you". The entire squad witnessed the row.

Real Madrid board met to discuss next steps

Afterwards, the president met with his board in the Bernabéu until two in the morning, discussing the various options available, including directly sacking Santiago Solari and bringing in Mourinho, who it's well-known has a terrible relationship with Ramos. The president and the board had serious differences of opinion on the next steps to take, meaning no decision was taken at the time, although one could be coming in the next few hours.