Mbappé: on being French and the impossible

I was still a young lad when I was taught a saying in my country: "Impossible isn't French". Us, the French, like to believe, since the times of Asterix, that with willpower, determination and a little bit of luck our dreams can become reality. So, when there are a number of children of the French Republic involved in something, my thinking is that nobody should say, as various media outlets are doing, that "it's impossible". The Frenchman who plays in a big club in the capita of France has never hidden his desire to wear a white shirt and everything indicates he feels the time has arrived.

Zidane, Mbappé, Real Madrid and PSG

The Frenchman who was a World Cup winner with France and who has just returned to the coaching role with the team where he won three Champions Leagues in a row needs a star player as the hallmark of his new project. And that's exactly what he said when he took on his new challenge. I know he likes him, the lad who speaks French and who I was referring to above. A lot of Frenchness, which makes it impossible not to think in the saying of my childhood. Although the owners of the club in Paris speak another language.


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