Sparta Prague troll Chelsea to perfection

Sparta Prague's social media manager was quick on his toes after the Premier League club announced ticket information for games against West Ham and Sparta.

Stamford Bridge, estadio del Chelsea

Chelsea are still battling for two key objectives this season: secure a place in the 2019/20 Champions League and lift the Europa League trophy in the final which will be staged in Baku at the end of May. Their quarter final rival in this competition are Czech side Slavia Prague which led to a slip-up from the London based outfit.

Ticket info.

The SW6 advertised ticketing information for forthcoming games against West Ham in the Premier League and against Sparta Prague in the Europa League. Yes, Sparta not Slavia with the mistake quickly being picked up by the sharp witted social media manager at the Sparta English Twitter account who replied to Chelsea stating:

Hi guys , we completely understand you are confused, since we are the most famous and most successful club from Prague. But this time you play against Slavia, sorry...:(.