LA Galaxy 2-1 Houston Dynamo

(LA Galaxy 2-1 Houston Dynamo) Fixtures, scores and results

LA Galaxy wins it 2-1 over Houston Dynamo at week 8 match of the MLS

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Follow the play by play of LA Galaxy vs. Houston Dynamo, MLS week 8 game played this Friday at 23:00 ET (20:00 hours in California).

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Final Time | LA Galaxy 2-1 Houston Dynamo, MLS

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Polenta for the win!

94' GAME OVER !!!! Galaxy wins 2-1 and Houston loses the undefeated record.

93'   Antuna with the counter attack, but just keeps the ball to win some time

92'   Houston is trying to find a clear to even the game but Galxy leaves no spaces open

91' Boateng leaves the game, and in came González (LA Galaxy)

90'   Four more mintes are added to the game!

89'   Boateng is down on the field, medical assistance get to check on the player

88' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL POLENTAAA !!!! Galaxy takes the 2-1 lead minutes from the end of the game!

86'   Corner Galaxy!

85'   The home side want to win no matter what, they keep pressuring but Houston is well positioned and there's no openning available

84'   Zlatan is well guard by Dynamo's defense, the Lion can't find a comfortable position to shot!!

82'   Manotas just missed a great one!!!! Houston had the win in the Colombian foot but he misses and Bingham runs to take the ball

80'   WHAT A MISS BY HOUSTON!!!! Elis was alone facing Bingham but when he shot his attempt goes wide up over Galaxy's net

78'   ZLATAN AGAAAIN !! But his attempt goes by the side of the net... what a miss!

77'   Foul on Jona dos Santos! The Mexican is down on the field

75'   Boateng is everywhere! Recovering balls in the middle of the field, assisting and trying to score, what a game he's having!

74'   ZLATAAAAAAN !!! The LA captain finally finds a clearing but his header goes to Willis hands!

72'   CLOOOOSE!!! Zlatan assists Boateng to face alone Willis, but Dynamo's goalie is able to take the ball from Boateng's foot

70'   Corner! Galaxy pressures more than Houston, the home team is looking to get up front again

69' McNamara leaves the game. In goes Rodríguez (Houston)

68'   What a combination from Boateng, Zlatan and Lletget in Houston's small area, but Willis clears it by sending it to corner!

66'   CLOOOOSE!!! Manotas was so close but Bingham stops the attempt and sends it to the corner

65'   Boateng with a great assist for Zlatan that shots on goal but his attempt passes in front of the net, Antuna tries to win it back but commits a foul

64'   Both teams try to pressure up front but there're no clear spaces as Galaxy and Dynamo are working their defense real good

63'   Dynamo with the counter attack but LA Galaxy recovers their places and the intention from the Texans doesn't get any further

62'   Zlatan and Jona combined but Houston defense is on spot and blocks the play to win back the ball 

61'   Jona server for Antuna and DeLaGarza (Houston) goes down in attempt to win a foul and stop the play, but the referee doesn't buy it

60'   Manotas takes the ball from Araujo but the LA team takes back the ball

59'   Dynamo is closing on spaces looking for an LA mistake

58'   Foul! Galaxy wins a free kick in the offensive attack

56'   Houston with the ball now on Galaxy's field, but can't find a clear and the home team recovers the ball.

55'   Galaxy takes the initiative with the ball, they want to take back the lead but Houston is feeling confident

54'   Corner for Houston, the attempt goes wide over the box

52' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAL ELIS !!!!!! Houston Dynamo ties the game also from the penalty spot!

51'   The PENALTY IS A GO !!! (VAR desicion)

50'   Still waiting on the VAR

49'   The play is reviewed by VAR... the waiting game begins!

49'   Houston wins a free kick they do a quick move, that ends up in PENALTY!

48'   Galaxy takes back the ball and speed up the game into Houston's field

47' Vera (Houston Dynamo) for a tactical foul

46'   Houston started the second half with ambition, they're pressuring Galaxy on their field

Ball is rolling second half is on!

LA Galaxy have attempted 500+ pases in 66.7% of their matches this season

Game stats LA Galaxy 1-0 Houston Dynamo

Zlatan goal to put the Galaxy up in the score board! LA Galaxy 1-0 Houston Dynamo

47' First Half is over! The home team has the 1-0 lead thanks to Ibrahimovic' goal from the penalty spot

46'   Houston wins a free kick in the offensive attack

45'   Two more minutes are added by the referee

44'   One minute left in the first half and both teams are playing the ball in the middle of the field

42'   Houston slows down the rythm of the game a bit by taking the ball and playing it backwards with their goalie

41'   Araujo steals the ball clean from Alberth Elis but sends it nowhere and Houston takes back the ball center field

40'   Galaxy tries to enter Houston small area with the ball but the Texan defense is quick to steal the ball

39'   Jona dos Santos clears the area and send the ball to the other side of the field

38'   Houston is not giving the game away, and try to find Galaxy's box, but the home team is not easy to get passed and have stop every attempt from the Texans

37'   OFFSIDE LA Galaxy!

36'   What a ball from Manotas to Martínez!! Houston was close to tied the game!

35'   Araujo tries to get into Houston's small area but he can't as Dynamo is on spot and the ball leaves the field

34'   Galaxy on momentum controls the game and is pressuring Dynamo's box with no rest!

32'   Free kick for Houston, the attempt is cleared by the LA defense

30' GOOOOOOOOAAAAL ZLATAN !!!!!! From the penalty spot, the captain sends the ball to the back of the net and Galaxy takes the lead!

29' DeLaGarza (Houston)

29'   PENALTY !!!!! LA Galaxy has a precious chance!

27'   LA Galaxy controls the ball now and is seeking an entrance to hurt Houston and finally score!

25'   What a run from Boateng!!! He sents the ball to Zlatan, the Swedish shot but his attempt is missed by so close!

24'   Foul against Alberth Elis, good chance for Houston, but the attempt is missed!

23'   What a moment! The game is back and forth as both squad fight to open the scoreboard

22'   LA gets back the ball and starts pressuring at Dynamo's field, Zlatan had a clear but he was offside!

20'   Houston pressures again but it can't complete the action and there's still no goals in this game!

18'   Nothing happens and the game is still 0-0 after 18 minutes played

17'   Bingham sent the ball to the Corner, Houston has a new chance to score

16'   Boateng loses the ball Houston with the counter attack but Elis shot is blocked

15' Boateng goes into the field for Alessandrini, who leaves the game injured

14'   Alessandrini is down in the grass, he ask for medical assistance, he's left leg is bothering him

14'   The attempt is clear by Galaxy's defense, but can't take the ball out of their field, Houston keeps pressuring

13'   Manotas tries again and Dynamo gets a new corner attempt

12'   Galaxy goes all the way to the other side, Zlatan is clear but the ball doesn't reach the captain

11'   CLOSE! Houston attempt is close but made no danger

10'   Corner for Dynamo, Elis had a clear space but the LA defense sents it to the corner

9'   Houston get back the ball and runs to the LA Galaxy side, Polenta is focused and stops the Texans run

8'   Galaxy has the momentum and keeps aproaching to Willis net, but the defense is on spot

7'   Zlatan seems to be asking for something, he keeps turning to the bench

6'   Ibrahimovic with the first clear shot, but the ball goes to the side of the box

4' Antuna (LA Galaxy) finds a space to shot but the ball goes to Willis hands

4'   Skjelvik plays it for the wing but Houston close spaces to complicate thing for the LA team

2'   Houston has the first attempt and is moving the ball, Galaxy lets them play


LA Galaxy enter on a four-game winning streak, tied for their longest since the start of the 2015 season.

Houston Dynamo is unbeaten in their last four matches against LA Galaxy their longest streak in team history against the LA team. (2W-2D)

Players warming up (LA Galaxy)
LA Galaxy starting formation to face Houston Dynamo
LA Galaxy captain, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has the best scoring average since 2007 with a goal aproximately every 89 minutes in league play.

Houston Dynamo, Mauro Manotas is averaging 0.30 expected goals per shot this season, the best rate in the league among players with at least 10 shots, could LA Galaxy stop him?

AJ DeLaGarza is back in da' house!
Sebastian Lletget and Giancarlo González arriving at Dignity & Health Sports Park
The visitors Houston Dynamo starting lineup is ready and set!
LA Galaxy sents its starting lineup Julian Araujo debuts as a starter

Welcome to the preview and play by play of LA Galaxy vs. Houston Dynamo, MLS Week 8 game to be held this Friday, April 19 from Dignity & Health Sports Park in the city of Los Angeles, California

LA Galaxy was clear on something, not to lose their winning streak, and to steal the undefeated mark of Houston Dynamo. The home team let the visitors play the ball but never leave total control of the game to them as they kept pressuring and taking the ball back from Dynamo.

The match was what everyone expected a back and forth dynamic that ended up in two conceded penalties for both teams, the first came for the Galaxy side, that Zlatan true to his style sent the ball to the back of the net for the 1-0 lead.

Then came Houston chance and Elis tied the game from the penalty spot in the second half, but it all ended when Diego Polenta scored the winner just minutes til' the end of the match. Galaxy wins again at home and Houston is no longer undefeated.