DC United 0-2 New York City FC

(DC United 0-2 New York City FC) Fixtures, Scores and Results

New York City FC starting lineup preview the game against DC United

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New York gets its first win of the season at DC United home field, while Rooney's team endure its second defeat at home.

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Final Time | DC United 0-2 New York City FC, MLS

DC United host New York City at Audi Field seeking to get back on the winning side, however, the visitors had in mind to achieve their first win of the season and neutralized DC's star, Wayne Rooney.

New York controlled the game for the most part and stopped every attempt DC wanted to make, and when the clock marked the 34th minute, Miltrita open the score in favor of New York that went to the half time, leading by one.

Rooney had a great game, where he went back and forth the field, looking for some space to get a goal or assist a teammate, but New York didn't let him play, and the whole squad seemed messy at parts, and the home side receives its second defeat of the season at home.

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Great work from New York City FC to get their first win of the season

96' GAME OVER !!!!!! New York City gets its first win at Rooney's team home!

95'   New York plays the ball wainting for the referee to mark the game over

95'   The game is practically over bu the referee lets them play still

93'   Free kick for DC in the offensive half, it was a long shot that ends up in nothing

92'   CORNER NEW YORK! the visitors side could have scored the third one but the shot is cleared by the defense

91'   Moralez is limping a bit but the game is not stopped

90'   The referee adds 5 more minutes, plenty of time for DC to score at least one goal

89'  The last minutes are being played, and Rooney seems mad with the outcome of the game

88'   Foul, DC United with a great chance, but the attempt is clear by NY defense

87'   Rooney asks for a foul, but the referee doesn't concede

85'   THe rythm slow downs a bit, looks like DC United is no longer looking to score and is more interest in keeping NY out of their field

83'   New York with the long shot, but the attempt goes wide over Hamid's box

82'   New York with an opportunity, but the attempt is blocked by DCs defense

82'   New York is leaving DC play, they might look for a counter attack!

80'   Rooney and company still can't find a clearing and New York keeps leading with 10 minutes left in the game

79'   Offside DC United, the home team had a great chance but they were caught offside

77'   DC United starts to take back control, and New York is playing in its field because of the home side pressure

76' Yellow Moralez (NYC FC)

75'   The bench is hot, both coaches shout to each other, but things don't go any further than that

74'   We're having a back and forth rythm, but New York has more idea of what they're doing on the field

72'   New York with a chance again, but their attempt is blocked, they keeps getting into DC's field, the home side can't seem able to stop them

70'   DC United is getting desperate, and looks messy on the field

69' DC United makes a move, Segura off, in goes Stieber

67'   DC has a clear but the shot goes to Johnson's hands

66'   DC United playing backwards with Hamid, they want to get out playing but New York is on spot

64'   New York keeps pressuring and controling the game, despite DC United efforst to take the ball

63'   Free kick for DC United, Rooney's powerful shot hits Johnson frame

62'   New York keeps findind opening to reach DC United box, fourtunately for Rooney's team, the attempt is blocked by Hamid

61'   The attempt passes close by the right of New York net

61'   Foul! DC United wins a free kick in the offensive half, great opportunity for the team of the capital

60'   DC United tries to come out playing but New York leaves no spaces for them to go through

58'   New York City FC has all the momentum, while DC United can't find a rythm of play

56' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAL !!!!! Heber gives the 2-0 lead to New York side !!

55'   New York with a shot again! This time the shot came down and Hamid sends the ball to the corner!

54'   New York gets back the ball and run all the way to Hamid area but the goalie takes the shot with his hands, great save

54'   There's still time but Rooney's side seems a bit desperate to score

53'   DC United with the ball finds a clearing but the attept is blocked by NYC defense

52'   Things in the field are getting hot, lots of fouls from NYC even though they are up in the score, DC United wins a free kick in the defensive half

51'   Delay over, the game is back on!

49'   We have two players down, after a head crash while seeking to get the ball, the medical assistance enters the field

48' Yellow card for Lewis, he just got in an already made a foul that gave him a yellow card (NYC FC)

47' Mitrita leaves the game, in goes Lewis (NYC FC)

46'   NYC steals the ball and reaches Hamid area, but DC United defense stops the attempt

45'   This time DC United startst playing the ball

45'   Ball is rolling, second half begins !

Oh what a chance missed...

Stats after 45 minutes of played between DC United 0-1 New York City FC

Here it is, the goal that gave New York City FC the lead

First half is over! New York missed a great chance to open the advantage, still the lead after 45 minutes played

47' FAILED!!! Moralez missed the shot and the game's still 0-1 in favor of New York


46'   Corner for DC United! Rooney with the center, but NYC defense clears the ball and sends it all the way to the other side of the field for the counter attack

46'   DC United with the ball, they want to even the game before the end of the first half

45'   Three more mintes to play! New York City leads 1-0 in the first half

40'   DC keeps trying to take back the ball and make some danger but NY is on spot and blocking every move

38'   Foul NYC! DC UNited had a great chance to even the game, but Rooney's attempt is blocked by the defense

36'   DC United can't find themselves in the field, New York has all the momentum

34' GOOOOOOOAAAAAL !!! GOOOOOOOAAAAAL !!! New York opens the score!!! Mitrita score the opener 1-0

31'  NYC with a shot again !!! the attempt is missed but they continue playing at DC field

28'   Corner for NY, the visitor team keeps pressuring the home side

26'   Delay over, they are ready to continue

25'   Mitrita goes down to the grass, the game is stop for the medical assitance to get in

21'   ROOONEEEY !!!! His shot is clear by Johnson by so little, that could have been a great goal for the home side! DC is taking back the control of the game at times

19'   Corner for DC!!! Rooney's side has a great opportunity but the attempt is clear by NY defense

15'   New York again! This time, Alexander Ring with the attempt but it misses to the right game still 0-0

13'   Mitrita right footed shot from outside the box is closed! New York is controling the game so far

10'   NYC is pushing up front and had a clear shot but the attempt is missed

8' Alexander Ring commits a foul! DC United with a free kick on the defensive half bu the attept is missed

1'   Game is on at Audi Field !

NYC FC starting lineup
  DC United starting Lineup
Game day is here and Rooney is already in da' house!

Welcome to the preview and play to play of DC United vs. New York City FC, a regular MLS season game to be held this Sunday, April 21 from Audi Field at approximately 4:00 pm ET (3:00 pm CT) ).