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Los Angeles Galaxy

15' Carlos Antuna

59' Ibrahimovic

73' Out Carlos Antuna in Emmanuel Boateng

77' Ibrahimovic

81' Diego Polenta

83' Out Joe Corona in Carrasco

87' Out Feltscher in Giancarlo González

Real Salt Lake

31' Damir Kreilach

63' Donny Toia

70' Out Sam Johnson in Sebastian Saucedo

83' Out Donny Toia in Joao Plata

90' Out Damir Kreilach in Brook Lennon

LA Galaxy 2-1 Real Salt Lake

(LA Galaxy 2-1 Real Salt Lake) Fixtures, Scores and Results

The Swedish Lion found the back of the Salt Lake net in the second half to give the victory to LA Galaxy after the visitors managed to tie the game.

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Uriel Antuna celebrating after scoring the opener for LA Galaxy


Half Time | LA Galaxy 2-1 Real Salt Lake, MLS

LA Galaxy found the back of the visitor net when the Mexican Uriel Antuna scored the opener at the 16th minute of the game, a match that was led by the Californian side during the first 45 minutes, however, the momentum of Galaxy ended when the second half began.

Real Salt Lake control the most of the second half, they found spaces and made Los Angeles fall back into their field. Toia tied the game at the 64 minute, and looked to turn around the game by scoring again but failed and Zlatan thanks to an assist by Lletget, score to give the 2-1 win to the home side.

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The goal from Real Salt Lake
Zlatan scores again!

94' GAME OVER!!!! Zlatan gives the win to LA Galaxy 2-1 Real Salt Lake

92'   LA Galaxy plays the ball and is in no rush

91' Galaxy tries to keep the lead while Salt Lake is looking to tie the game !

90'   Four more minutes to play !

88'   Salt Lake pressures up front they want to tie the game before the end of the match!

86'   The last minutes of the game is a back and forth, both teams are looking to sum points!

85'   Corner Galaxy! the center from Jona dos Santos is blocked by the defense and Salt Lake gets the counter attack

84'   Bingham again!! The LA goalie makes a great safe for the home side to keep the score 2-1

82'   The entrance of Boateng gave live to Galaxy and have found themselves back into the game

80'   Salt Lake responds with a shot but Bingham stops the attempt

79' GOOOOOOOOOOOOAL ZLATAAAAAAAN !!! The captain find a clearing from Lletget assit and scores to take back the lead

77'   Salt Lake with a shot again! the attempt is blocked by the defense

75'   Salt Lake keeps pressuring and LA Galaxy can't seem to take the control back, the visitors can score in any second now

73' LA Galaxy, Boateng goes into the field for Antuna

72' Real Salt Lake, In goes Salcedo for Johnson

70'   Corner Galaxy! The home team had a precious chance, but Salt Lake defense clears the attempt

68'   The midfield of Galaxy looks frustrated and not comfortable while Salt Lake has found its way in the game

67'   The visitors with all the momentum seek to score again and take the lead of the game

65' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAL TOIA !!! The pressure from the visitor paid off and the tie the game

64'   The visitors are creating all the chances in the second half, the home side seems a bit desperate at times

62'   Corner for Real Salt Lake, but the attempt is cleared by Galaxy's defense

60' Yellow for Zlatan for a silly foul

57'   Salt Lake is pressuring up front making the home side to fall backwards looking for the counter attack

55'   The visitor squad is controling the game, Galaxy need to take back the control of the game

54'   Corner for Salt Lake, but the center goes to Bingham hands

53'   Kreilach with a great shot but its blocked by Binham post and LA Galaxy can breathe again

53'   Foul! Real Salt Lake with an important opportunity with a free kick in the offensive attack

52'   The home side with the counter attack finds Zlatan but the center passes close to the net and crosses from right to left, nothing happened

51'   Real Salt Lake is looking to tied the game, looking for spaces but LA Galaxy is blocking every attempt

50'   Steres clears Salt Lake side attempt, and the visitors counter attack is blocked

48'   Galaxy with the collective play but Salt Lake defense is on spot

47'   The visitor squad wants to get the control of the ball early in the second half

46'   Galaxy gets the first action of the game, but Salt Lake blocks the attept

45' Ball is rolling, second half is on!

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Game stats LA Galaxy 1-0 Real Salt Lake

Let's see the goal that gave the home team the 1-0 lead over Real Salt Lake!

46' First half over! LA Galaxy leads over Real Salt Lake by the minimun thanks to Antuna's goal

45'   One more minute to play in this first half

44'   Galaxy tries to arrive to Salt Lake small area by Feltscher side

42'   Galaxy pressures and pressures looking for Zlatan but the balls doesn't reach the captain

40'   Salt Lake with the counter attack, but Polenta is on spot and blocks the visitors run

38'   What an action by Putna on Antuna, that was a real hard foul, but the referee doesn't think so and shows no card

36'   Corner Galaxy, the attempt bounces in the small area but in the end the visitors defense managed to clear the ball, Salt Lake can breathe again

35'   LA Galaxy keeps pressuring up front, Real Salt Lake on the other hands is trying hard to stop every Galaxy approach, they have succeeded so far

33'   Jona dos Santos with the close center but the defense clears the attempt

33'   Foul on Antuna, LA Galaxy has a dangerous chance to score

31' Foul Kreilach (Real Salt Lake) LA Galaxy with the free-kick in the defensive half

30'   Traore from the wing finds a clearing, looks for Zlatan but the visitors defense blocks the attempt

28'   Real Salt Lake wins a free kick in the offensive half, but the LA defense is on spot and clear the attempt

26'   The visitors with the ball attempt a long shot but Bingham takes the ball in his hands

24'   Lletget finds a clearing but his attempt goes to Putna's hands

23'   Real Salt Lake keeps falling back, giving all the control to the LA team

21'   A new center for Zlatan, Pontius keeps looking for his captain, but the visitors defense is on spot

19'   LA Galaxy have move backwards the visitors that are playing in their field, trying to stop the home team advance

17'   The home team with the momentum and starts pressuring Real Salt Lake in their side of the field

15' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL ANTUNAAAAAA !!! The Mexican finds himself alone in front of the net and he scores the opener for Galaxy

13'   Offside Real Salt Lake

11'   The visitors play the game in Galaxy's small area but the play is not dangerous

9'   The intensity of the game slows down a bit, both squad are looking to open the spaces

7'   Ibrahimovic with a great assist from Antuna, but the Swede attempt goes over the net

5'   The LA squad is controling the ball in the first minutes of the game, the visitors are playing openly

3'   Offside Ibrahimovic, the captain had an opening but the referee stops the play

2'   Corona (LA Galaxy) with a clear chance but the shot is wide over Putna's box

1'   Real Salt Lake wins a free kick in the offensive half, the attempt is cleared by the LA defense

Kick-off and it's soccer time LA Galaxy vs Real Salt Lake

Todd Gurley II in the house to watch LA Galaxy vs Real Salt Lake

Real Salt Lake won their last road game 3-0 snapping a seven-game winless run away from home

LA Galaxy warming up

The 0-0 draw against Minnesota on Wednesday was the first time LA Galaxy had been held scoreless in a game where Ibrahimovic started

LA Galaxy has won four of their last six league home games against Real Salt Lake

Diedie Traore (LA Galaxy) to have his first MLS start
The visitors (Real Salt Lake) sends its starting XI
LA Galaxy starting lineup, ready and set
Jona dos Santos and the rest of the LA players are in da' house!

Welcome to the preview and play by play between LA Galaxy and Real Salt Lake, MLS week 9 game that will be played this Monday, Sunday, April 29 at Dignity & Health Sports Park in Los Angeles, set to start at approximately 8:00 pm ET (7:00 pm CT).