Beckham wins legal battle to demolish Lockhart Stadium

David Beckham presents Tudor New Collection at Hotel VP Plaza España Design

Pablo Cuadra

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The new MLS franchise has been given the green light to demolish Lockhart Stadium and begin the construction of the venue that will be its home starting 2020.

David Beckham took an important step toward his future plans with Inter Miami CF after gaining permission for the demolition of Lockhart Stadium. This allows them to begin arrangements for the construction of the venue that will be the home of the new MLS franchise from 2020. 

FXE Futbol sued for a temporary obstruction to the demolition of the stadium in Fort Lauderdale. However, the request was denied, and this clears the path for Beckham to start his new project.

ESPN columnist Jeff Carlisle took to social media to reveal a document that shows in detail the ruling in favour of Beckham and Inter Miami.

It's a timely decision for Inter Miami, as starting next year they will make their debut in the MLS and Beckham and company want to have everything ready for the big date.

State-of-the-art new stadium

Inter Miami CF have made progress on their new home and its surroundings, having officially presented the architecture, colours, and technology that will be used to give life to one of the most advanced stadiums in MLS.