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Los Angeles Galaxy

45' Out Didie Traore in Emmanuel Boateng

70' Out Carlos Antuna in Pontius

78' Carrasco

81' Out Carrasco in Emil Cuello

86' Ibrahimovic

89' Joe Corona

New York City

43' Héber

50' Maxi Moralez (p)

64' Out Ismael Tajouri in Alexandru Mitrita

73' Out Ronald Matarrita in Sebastien Ibeagha

75' Out Maxi Moralez in Keaton Parks

86' Sean Johnson

LA Galaxy 0-2 New York City FC

(Los Angeles Galaxy 0-2 New York City FC) Fixtures, scores and results

Los Angeles Galaxy slump to their first home defeat of the season, adding to their wretched three-game losing streak.

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New York City FC celebrating after Heber's goal


Full time | LA Galaxy 0-2 New York City FC, MLS

LA Galaxy hosted New York City FC with one aim: to get back on track and back to winning ways, while the Pigeons arrived in Los Angeles seeking to maintain their unbeaten run.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic's team is a tough proposition at home, but the team from the Big Apple found a way to stop them, taking the game by the scruff of the neck in the first half and scoring two before the interval.

LA Galaxy looked to get back into it and create opportunities in the second half by pushing New York City back into their own half, but the Boys in Blue knew how to withstand the pressure and stopped them from creating any real danger. In the end New York got another win, while it was a third straight loss for the Galaxy.

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Average position


Callens saving New York   
The missed chance

95' GAME OVER !!!! NEW YORK CITY WITH THE WIN AT GALAXY'S HOME. LA Galaxy sums its third loss in a row

93'   New York is creating time by falling to the grass, or asking for Galaxy to take out the ball...

91'   Corner! LA Galaxy has a new chance from the corner, but the attempt is missed

90'   Five more minutes to play

88'   Foul! New York City FC wins a free kick in the defensive half

86'   Johnson goes down after staging a Zlatan's agression... but the Swede is not booked as he did nothing

85'   POST !!!!! Zlatan just missed a great one to score the first one for Galaxy

84'   New York tries the counterattack but there's no one to follow the play

83'   Galaxy is pressuring to score at least one before the end of the match

82'   Galaxy keeps pressuring up front, but New York doesn't let any spaces open, they're well on spot

81' Out goes Carrasco, In goes Cuello (LA Galaxy)

80'   Ring is down with an injury, but the delay's over for Galaxy's corner, but LA's attempt ends in nothing

79'   What a save by Callens, Sean Johnson was not in the box, and Galaxy almost scores the first one, but the defender was on spot to clear the attempt

78'Carraso (LA Galaxy) for a tough foul

77'   Galaxy pushes backward the New York squad, but they can't find any spaces at all

76' New York moves again. In goes Parks for Moralez

James Corden in da' house!

74' Matarrita leaves the game for Ibeagha (New York City FC)

73'   Tinnerholm is Zlatan's worst nightmare, the player covers the Swede every move stopping him from creating danger

71' Antuna is off, Pontius goes in (LA Galaxy)

70'   LA Galaxy with a great collective move, Zlatan was cleared but the defense is on spot to sent the ball to corner

68'   New York starts to pressure the locals, and they almost score the third goal

66'   Foul! Galaxy again with a new dangerous chance, but the attempt is sent to the corner

65'   Corner! Galaxy had a new chance, but the attempt ends up in nothing

64'   The LA side keeps trying to open the Pigeons' spaces but the New York squad is on spot

62'   The pace of the game's slow again, New York stops the rhythm of the game

60'   Galaxy's missing Jona dos Santos in the midfield, Carrasco looks lost at times

58'   Corner, Galaxy with another chance, the attempt is missed but the ball is still in play

Zlatan's attempt is stop by the defense

57'   Foul! Galaxy has an important chance in the offensive half

56'   New York tries to reach Galaxy's side by the collective play, but Galaxy is on spot

55'   The Mexican youngster (Antuna) is looking desperate trying to solve the game by himself for Galaxy

54'   Antuna had a great chance but the Mexican fails to concrete the play

53'   Galaxy seems messy but looking for spaces in the rival side

Delay over game back on

52'   Maxime Chanot down on the field after a collision with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the defender looks in pain

50'   New York with the first attempt of this half, but the LA side clears the ball, not without difficulty

48'   The first few minutes of the second half are played in a slow pace, with Galaxy trying to pressure New York

47'   Galaxy is looking to regain their form, but New York is on spot

46' Traore leaves the game, in goes Boateng (LA Galaxy)

45' Second Half is underway !

First Half stats

Moralez' goal
The Pigeons first goal


45'+5' GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAL MORALEZ !! New York wins it 2-0 from the 11th steps


46' VAR in action, to confirm a hand against Galaxy

45'   Zlatan with a header! but the captains attempt goes over New York box by little

43' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAL HEBER !! After an LA mistake, The Blues score to take the lead before the half time

New York City's attempt goes directly to Bingham hands

41'   Foul! New York with a nice chance by winning a free-kick in the offensive half

40'   New York trying to take back the ball, but Galaxy is making them dance around the ball

38'   The LA side has managed to push 'The Blues' backwards, how long will they be able to keep on the pressure

36'   New York wins a free kick in the defensive half, but the play ends up in nothing

34'   Galaxy with the collective play, the are controlling the game now, but can't find a clearing to hurt New York

32'   Galaxy has taken the game to center field, most of the action is happening there

30'   Zlatan with a splendid assist to Antuna, but the Mexican fails to end the play and New York clears the ball

29'   Despite the goal not counting, LA Galaxy looks better in the last few minutes

27'   GOAAAL ZLATAN! The Swede goal was in offside, game still scoreless

26'   Traore goes down, after a collision with Alexander Ring, but the LA player is ok

25'   Galaxy takes back the ball, but New York is well on spot, and the LA team can't find a clearing

24'   Polenta with a great save, the defender sents the ball to corner after New York's close attempt on goal

Heber's attempt goes over Bingham box, the attept is missed.

22'   The Pigeons with the collective play to win a corner after Polenta sents the ball out the field

20'   New York wins a free-kick in the offensive half, the attempt is cleared by Galaxy's defense

18'   New York is looking more comfortable than Galaxy, the game is back and forth but the New York side is controling the game so far

16'   New York tries Bingham's box, but the attempt is missed

14'   The shot is too long for Zlatan and he can't control the ball and it leaves the field 

13'   Corner for New York again! the Big Apple squad misses the attempt and Galaxy gets the counterattack

12'   New York City seems to arrive a bit more to Galaxy's field, they're making the local defense work

10'   Both squads with a lot of initiative in the first ten minutes of the game

8'   The LA side with the ball again, looks for a clearing but the ball leaves the field, and it goes back to New York

New York City attempt is cleared by the defense

7'   New York City with the counterattack, they surprise the LA's defense but the ball is sent to corner

6'   Corner! LA Galaxy with a nice chance but the boys in Blue clear the ball

OFFSIDE! Galaxy with the first dangerous attempt looking for Zlatan, but the captain was offside

4'  Foul! Galaxy's wins a free-kick in the defensive half

2'   New York City with the first attempt of the game but Galaxy's defense clears the ball

1'   New York gets the ball and starts creating the first plays of the game

KICK-OFF at Dignity & Health Sports Park, New York City moves the ball !!

LA Galaxy takes the field to warm-up

The Boys in Blue has won their last three games against Los Angeles Galaxy, outscoring them 5-1 in the process

New York City is one of the five teams this season to average 6+ shots from outside the box per game this season

Los Angeles Galaxy has attempted 218 open play crosses this season, 60 more than the next closest team, completing 27.1% of those, which would be the fifth-highest percentage in a season since 2010.

New York City FC is averaging 1.8 goals per game over their last five games with a record of 3W-2D

New York City FC arriving at Dignity & Health Sports Park

Galaxy have dropped their last two matches, conceding three goals in both defeats

New York City FC starting XI
  LA Galaxy with a lot of changes on the starting lineup

Welcome to the preview and play by play of LA Galaxy vs. New York City FC, MLS week 11 game to be played this Saturday, May 11 from Dignity & Health Sports Park in Los Angeles.