• first half
  • 15'
  • 30'
  • second half
  • 60'
  • 75'
  • 90'
Los Angeles Galaxy

33' Joe Corona

42' Diego Polenta

67' Out Emmanuel Boateng in Pontius

74' Out Fabio Álvarez in Efrain Alvarez

85' Out Jonathan in Emil Cuello

90' Efrain Alvarez

Colorado Rapids

37' Jonathan Lewis

66' Out Cole Bassett in Nicolás Mezquida

74' Out Jonathan Lewis in Andre Shinyashiki

81' Andre Shinyashiki

94' Out Sam Nicholson in Samuel Vines

LA Galaxy vs Colorado Rapids

LA Galaxy 0-1 Colorado Rapids: fourth defeat for Schelotto

Red flags for Barros Schelotto and Los Angeles Galaxy, as they pick up another loss, their fourth in a row, and a second defeat at home.

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Guillermo Barros Schelotto, LA Galaxy coach angry at the sidelines during the match against Colorado Rapids


Final Time | LA Galaxy 0-1 Colorado Rapids, MLS

Dignity Sports & Health Park opened its doors for the game of LA Galaxy against Colorado Rapids, a match where the home side was looking to get back onto the winning path after the losing streak they had fallen into.

But it all ended up as just a hope, as Galaxy was defeated again, and this time by the worst team in the league. This earned Colorado its first win of the season, thanks to Shinyashiki's goal in the 1-0 victory.

Zlatan's absence was clear, as the offensive attack of the LA side was nowhere to be seen, a worrying fact as the Swedish striker has still one more game to complete his suspension. Colorado did the impossible thanks to Howard, who stopped every Galaxy attempt to keep his net unbreached.

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Average position

Final stats, possession

90'+4'   GAME OVER!!! Galaxy adds a new loss and has now four loses in a row!

90'+3'   Howard stops a new attempt from Galaxy again!

90'+1' Yellow card for Alvarez after a hard foul

90'   Four more mintes to play!

88'   The home side is close to add a new loss to its losing streak, which is worrying for the Galaxy fans

86'   Galaxy trying to tie the game, but Antuna fails to score... again!

85' Jona dos Santos out, Cuello goes in

84'   Galaxy seems lost on the field after Rapids goal

83'   Colorado with all the momentum wants to increase the advantage

82' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL Shinyashiki!!! Colorado gets the 1-0 lead

80'   Both teams are stuck on the offense, Galaxy and Colorado fail to finish they're plays and the game's still scoreless

78'   Colorado tries on goal again, but the attempt is sent to corner by Galaxy's defense

76'   Kamara fails again! Colorado's forward with a chance but his header goes to the Galaxy's net post

75' Favio Alvarez goes off for Efraín Alvarez (LA Galaxy)

73'   Polenta rushes to the other side of the field, shoots but Howard with a great save, keeps Colorado at ceros!

72' Colorado with the counter attack, but the Rapids fail to finish the play and Galaxy is saved again

70'   Galaxy with touching the ball but with lack of danger, the home team is missing Ibrahimovic on the field...

68' Pontius goes in for Boateng (LA Galaxy)

67'   What a save by Pipo Gonzalez, as he takes the ball out from the goal line after Colorado found a great chance, that ended up in nothing thanks to the LA defender

66'   Lletget, Polenta, Antuna, but Howard is following the game and takes the ball from the Mexican's feet

65'   Galaxy with the collective play, trying to get into Rapids small area, but Colorado is on spot and the home side can't find a clearing

64' LA Galaxy is getting ready to make the first move, Pontius will get into the field 

62'   The absence of Zlatan on the field is quite noticeable as Galaxy fails to finish plays

60'   Polenta with a close shot that is stop by the POST!!!!

58'   Colorado start finding themselves in the field, Lewis open the space but Kamara fails to finish the play and sents the ball over LA's box

56'   Antuna and Feltscher with an outstanding collective play, but the attempt is cleared by Colorado's defense to sent it to corner!

54'   KAMARAAAAA !!! Colorado's forward had a clearing but his attempt is missed and goes over Galaxy's net

53'   Galaxy got into the second half with the same intentions as the first one, the are pressuring up front and pushing Colorado backward to their side of the field

51'   Foul! Galaxy wins a free kick on the offensive half and the attempt passes so close over Rapids net!!!!

49'   HOWARD !!!!! Rapids goalie clears a great chance by Antuna to keep his box at ceros!

47'   Boateng gets into Colorado's small area but Howard is on spot and takes the ball

46'   Galaxy starts pressuring like in the first half

45' Game is back for the second half!

First half stats LA Galaxy 0-0 Colorado Rapids

Emmanuel Boateng gets to 100 games with Galaxy

45'+4'   First half is over !!

45'+3'   Jona dos Santos crosses in front of Kamara who was in Galaxy's small area to save the Rapids attempt

45'+2'   Corner!! Galaxy had a great opportunity but the ball crosses the field from left to right...

46'   Four more minutes to play

46' Delay over, the Yellow card for Polenta stays

45'   We have arrived to the 45 minutes mark, but the play is still being reviewed....

The play is still being review by the VAR

42' Polenta gets a yellow card but the VAR is checking the play

41'   Polenta with a hard foul, it could be a red card, the mood in the field is hot!

39'   Polenta takes the ball from Nicholson with a lovely play, an outstanding defensive play from the LA player

38'   Antuna with the counter attack, but is stopped by Lewis with a tactical foul, Galaxy with the free kick on the defensive half

37'   Colroado with the most dangerous play of the game, Kamara gets into the field but Steres sents it to corner!!

Kamara stands up complaining about a hit from Antuna, but the referee doesn't mark anything

35'   Kamara lies down on the ground, but the game is not stopped

33'   Around and 80% of the match is being played at Colorado's field, but the home side can't seem to finalize the plays and score

32' Foul! Antuna wins a free kick on the defensive half

31'   Galaxy is failing to complete the plays, despite arriving more to the rivals box

29'   Abubakar clears a great Galaxy´s attempt that arrived after Polenta's service to Antuna

27'   The rhythm slows down a bit, as both teams are playing center field

The attempt ends up in nothing...

25'   Galaxy wins a corner! The home side has a great chance

24'   Polenta's center to Lletget is long and the ball leaves the field...

22'   The game with a back and forth rhythm and Colorado wins a free kick on the offensive half, but he play ends in nothing

21'   Colorado is saved by Smith who takes out the ball in the goal line!!!

21'   Feltscher with a new chance, but Howard stops the attempt AGAIN!

19'   Lewis had a one on one play against Bingham, but he fails to score, the Rapids lost a great opportunity

17'   Boateng from the wing opens up the space but his center is cleared by Colorado's defense

Kamara send the ball wide over Galaxy's box, the attempt is missed

15'   Colorado wins a free kick on the offensive half, the Rapids have a great chance at hand

13'   Howard has been tested since the begining of the match, the former US goalie is stopping everything, but for how long?

11'   HOWARD AGAIIN !!!! Feltscher with a dangerous header, but the Rapids goalie is on spot and clears Galaxy's attempt

10'   Colorado arrives to the LA net, but Bingham takes the ball and stops Rapids attempt

9'   Alavarez with a great play, but the attempt is cleared by Howard

8'   Colorado gets to Galaxy's area but the defense clears Rapids attempt easily

6'   The LA squad takes back the ball and keeps creating spaces

5'   Colorado gets the ball for the first time in the game and starts creating plays looking for the LA box

4'   Galaxy pushes Colorado to their side of the field and pressures up front, making Howard work since the very start of the game

3'   Tim Howard with the first save of the game! Galaxy has all the initiative

2'   Galaxy starts pressuring Colorado since the begining

1'   The home side starst with the ball and the collective play

Galaxy moves and the game is on!

Rapids striker Kei Kamara has 2 goals in 12 career games against Galaxy

Colorado Rapids has lost their last eight games, tied for the longest losing streak in club history

Favio Alvarez' ready for his LA Galaxy debut

LA Galaxt lost their last home game 2-0 against NYCFC, snapping a six game winning streak at home. It was the first time in their last 19 home games Galaxy failed to score.

Four of the last five games between LA Galaxy and Colorado Rapids have ended in draws, the only exception was a 3-0 for the LA side in 2017

Dignity & Health Sports Park ready and set
Colorado Rapids starting XI
LA Galaxy sends its starting lineup

Welcome to the preview and play by play of LA Galaxy vs. Colorado Rapids, MLS week 12 game to be played this Sunday, May 19 from Dignity & Health Sports Park to kickoff around 8:00 pm ET.