Orlando City 0-1 LA Galaxy

Orlando City FC 0-1 LA Galaxy: LA finally breaks its losing streak

Barros Schelotto's side finally got back to winning ways against Orlando City, thanks to an outstanding goal from Jonathan dos Santos.

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Bingham in action with LA Galaxy during the match against Orlando City

Final Time | Orlando City 0-1 LA Galaxy, MLS

LA Galaxy went in to the match with one aim: to break their current losing streak but without Zlatan Ibrahimovic and with Nani leading Orlando City's attack the task at hand didn't look easy at all.

Orlando were looking to make it two wins in a row, but Jona dos Santos had a great night and opened the scoring with an outstanding strike from outside the area.

Galaxy therefore managed to break its losing streak while the Lions, despite having a great game, failed to find the back of LA's net and suffered their seventh loss of the season. 

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Average position


Bingham with a fantastic night!

94'+4' GAME OVER !!!! Galaxy takes the 1-0 win thanks to Jona dos Santos outstanding goal to break the four-game losing streak !

90'+2'   Orlando wants to tie the game before it ends, and is pressuring hard up front!

91'+1'   Nani strikes on goal, but his attempt is open to the right

90'   Four more minutes into the game!

89'   Johnson fells in the small area and ask for a penalty but Allen Chapman do not concede as it was not fault and signals Corner

87'   Galaxy with the ball slows down the rhythm a bit, but Orlando remains pressuring

85' Jansson with a hard foul over Antuna gets the yellow hard

83' Colman goes in for Mueller (Orlando City)

82'   What a play by Lletget but his cross shot is not followed by anyone and Galaxy just missed the second goal !!!

81'   Barros Schelotto is calling his players to take back the intesity and stop Orlando's attempts

79'   Jona might not be able to play all the game, as he doesn't seem ok

77'   The Lions have pushed Galaxy into its field, and keep pressuring up front

75'   The game has a fantastic back and forth rhythm, not bieng played center field as both squads managed to arrive into each other small areas

74' Zubak goes in for Alvarez (LA Galaxy)

73'   Orlando with the corner attempt Nani gets the rebound but Bingham with a fantastic safe takes the ball out of the net !

Perry Kitchen to the rescue !!

72'   Nani found the ball in front of Galaxy's net, but Bingham is on spot and blocks the Portuguese's attempt

70'   The Lions are not resigning to tie or even turn the score around and have pushed the LA team into its field

68'   Bingham with the shot, the goalie takes his time, to slow down the intensity a bit

66'   Kitchen saves Galaxy !!! Bingham with a lousy outing but his teammate is on spot, and Smith's attempt is blocked and cleared

64'   Galaxy looks comfortable on the field, while Orlando seems a bit desparate to score

62'   Orlando with the collective play, the locals keep pushing up front trying to tie the game

60'   What a move from the LA side, complicating things for Rowe, but Orlando manages to take out the ball from their small area

Nani sents the ball to the barrier, Orlando takes the rebound, but in the end, Galaxy clears the ball and the play ends in nothing

59'   Foul! Orlando has a great chance coming

58'   Moutinho with the collective play with Higuita and Mueller, but the attempt is stop by the LA defense

56' LA Galaxy moves too, Cuello is off, in goes Kitchen

56' Akindele for Smith (Orlando City)

54'   Orlando keeps trying to create a chance but Galaxy is blocking every attempt from the locals

53'   Barros Schelotto's side is looking better on the field, than past games

51'   Orlando is now trying the long shots instead of trying to create opportunites controlling the ball

49'   Orlando is seeking to create a collective play, but Galaxy recovers the ball

47'   Galaxy starts with the pressure over Orlando

45'   Second half is underway!

First half stats Orlando City 0-1 LA Galaxy

45'+1' Whistle sounds and its the break!

The attempt goes to Bingham hands who clears it to keep Galaxy's 1-0 lead

45'+1' Foul!!! Pipo gets the yellow card, and Orlando has a great chance to tie before the first half ends

45' One more minute to play

45'   Corner for Galaxy! The back and forth rhythm creates chances for both teams

44'   Orlando tries for Galaxy's net again, but Pipo clears the ball and the visitors keep their advantage

43'   Orlando with an attempt again, the Lions want to tie the game before the break

41'   Antuna with the long run, but no one goes with him, and Sané clears the attempt

What a save by Bingham

39' Ruan was going to score a beauty, but his attempt crosses from one side to the other Galaxy's net

38'   A beautiful collective play by Orlando, however Gonzalez is on spot and stops the Lions attempt

36'   The Lions are trying to regain its control and rhythm, but Galaxy is in command at the moment

Jona dos Santos goal is worth taking a look at

34' Galaxy controlling the game thanks to Jona, who's having a great game so far, despite not being 100%

32'   Orlando starts to feel desperate, they are going way overboard on the front line, which Galaxy is taking advantage of

Bingham stops Nani's attemtp!!! LA Galaxy keeps its 1-0 lead

30'   Penalty kick for Orlando!!

29'   A new corner for Galaxy! But Nani clears the ball, though Galaxy doesn't let Orlando to leave its field

28'   Double corner in the last minute, Galaxy is pushing hard to get the second goal

27'   Galaxy has managed to pull Orlando backwards onto its field, LA is looking for the second goal

26'   The game with a back and forth pace, with Galaxy taking the lead of the plays

24'   Galaxy starts to look a lot better on the field, Jona's goal has give them confidence

22'   Orlando had a dangerous play but it passes close to Galaxy's post, the vistors are saved but Orlando keeps pressuring

18' GOOOOOOOAAAAAL JONA DOS SANTOS!!!! Galaxy takes the 1-0 lead !!!

20'   Orlando tries to respond, but Lletget blocks the attempt and the danger is over

Jansson with the attempt but he sends it wide over the Galaxy's box

16'   Danger for Galaxy after Pipo's fault, Orlando has a nice attempt on goal

The attempt was good, but it's cleared by the LA defense

15'   Nani with the long run after Galaxy's corner, Jona dos Santos is able to blocked the Portuguese attept to sent it to corner

14' Corner! Galaxy with a nive attempt but is cleared by the locals defense

12'   Jona takes the ball, slowns down the rhythm while seeking to create a chance for his team

10'   Orlando keeps pressuring up front, but the LA defense blocked the Lions attempt

8'   Orlando with the collective play at Galaxy's side, but the ball is cleared by Pipo Gonzalez

6'   Jona takes the ball and is looking to create spaces, but his attempt is long for Cuello

5'   Mountiho tries Bingham but the LA goalie is on spot and takes the ball with his hands

4'   Offside Galaxy, the LA side found a clearing in Orlando's close area but Antuna was offside

2'   LA Galaxy is not starting in the best way, the LA side seems a bit disorder

Orlando makes the first move and the game is on!

Nani is averaging 1.2 goals+assists per 90 minutes, the second-best rate among players with 800+ minutes this season

Orlando City's ready to roll

LA Galaxy have lost four straight games by a combined score of 9-3. The last time Galaxy lost five straight games was from June 24- July 22 when they were outscored 15-7

The home team has won each of the four league meetings against LA Galaxy, with LA earning a 4-3 won in the most recent game last July

Galaxy's warm-ups underway!
LA Galaxy starting lineup
Orlando City starting XI
Clear skies for tonite!

Welcome to the preview and play by play of Orlando City vs. LA Galaxy, MLS week 13 game to be played this Friday, May 24 from Orlando City Stadium. LA Galaxy is looking to cut a four-game losing streak. Orlando to add his second win in a row.

Welcome to the preview and play by play of Orlando City vs. LA Galaxy, MLS week 13 game to be played this Friday, May 24 from Orlando City Stadium. LA Galaxy is looking to cut a four-game losing streak. Orlando to add his second win in a row.