Bale tells Real Madrid he will not leave

Club sources have told AS that the Welshman is insisting on seeing out the rest of his Real Madrid contract until 2022 despite being told that he is not part of Zidane's plans.

Bale tells Real Madrid he will not leave
Jesus Rubio Diario AS

Gareth Bale is staying at Real Madrid.

The Welshman has insisted he will stay to see out the remaining three years of his contract, despite being told by coach Zinedine Zidane that he does not form part of his future plans, according to AS sources inside the club.

As Bale has resoundingly told the club he will not leave, they have no choice but to back their investment and make use of his services, the source explained, adding that the 29-year-old, who has a contract until 2022, is "very happy in Spain, in Madrid and at Real Madrid”.

"Gareth believes that if he hasn't given everything that was expected of him, it has been because he hasn’t had luck with injuries. But he feels that this spell has passed. He is optimistic that he is now under the right conditions to succeed," they said.

"On paper, Bale is the best we have. But another thing is what he has shown so far."

Gareth Bale will have his chance under Zidane, despite the coach deeming him surplus to requirements.

Bale will have chance to change Zidane's opinion

Zidane would prefer for the Welsh striker to find a new club before the market closes in England on 8 August. But Bale’s high salary (15 million euros a year) is a deterrent for many clubs, as well as his overall poor performance.

Although AS’ source stressed that "he has always made a magnificent response in the big matches.”

"If the player is determined to stay, he will start at a disadvantage with Zidane, but there is no doubt that he will have time to change the coach's opinion if his performance is good,” they added.

“If Bale wants to see out his contract and stay at Real Madrid, what the club will not do is throw stones against their own property.”