Exclusive and 'revealing' Neymar interview stolen

The journalist from Brazilian network UOL Esporte who spoke to the player revealed that his car had been broken into with the recording stolen.

Neymar, jugador del PSG

It's not been one of the best summer's for Brazilian striker Neymar after injury forced him to withdraw from the 2019 Copa America and constant speculation suggesting the forward is angling for a move back to FC Barcelona seems to gather steam.

The latest misfortune to affect the PSG striker is the disappearance of an exclusive interview the player recorded for the 'Aqui na Band' programme on the UOL Esporte network. The exclusive interview was supposed to air tonight in Brazil and has apparently been stolen over the weekend jeopardising it's broadcast.

According to Brazilian journalist Joao Paulo Vergueiro, the production team who recorded the interview noticed that the boot of their car had been forced open with all recording material missing.

"They stole all the memory cards with the Neymar interview where the player discussed in depth his future plans" claimed the Brazilian. The first part of this two part interview was recorded on July 11 and the follow up session two days later. One of the conditions on granting the exclusive was that no questions relating to FC Barcelona or the ongoing rape accusations were to be raised.