Ibrahomovic takes swipe at MLS standards and LAFC rival Carlos Vela

The LA Galaxy star maintained that he is the best MLS player "by far", shooting down suggestions that LAFC striker Carlos Vela had surpassed him.

It’s fair to say that throughout his career, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been known much more for his scoring prowess than his humility.

The big Swede has certainly earned the right to big himself up whenever he has the chance. And his personality has gone down a hit in the U.S. since his move from Manchester United to LA Galaxy in 2018.

Although we’re not sure how his latest interview will go down with LAFC striker Carlos Vela and ardent supporters of the MLS.

Vela, 29, made the move to LAFC in January, 2018 after six years at Spanish club Real Sociedad. And this season the Mexican striker has been on fire, so far netting 19 goals in 19 games in the MLS to help LA Galaxy’s rivals to the top of the table. Ibra, meanwhile, has scored 13 goals in 16 games for Galaxy, who are currently lying in third and well behind Vela’s LAFC.

Zlatan: I'm the best “by far” 

In a recent interview, a brave ESPN reporter (who obviously hadn’t seen Zlatan’s round house kicking skills in his recent #bottlecapchallenge video) questioned the Swede on his own claims that he is the best player in the MLS, bringing up Vela’s numbers.

Rather unsurprisingly, Ibrahimovic immediately shot down the reporter’s theory, pointing out the fact that he was playing in Europe in his prime, while Vela is 29 years old and playing in the MLS.

Asked whether he still considered himself the best in the MLS in light of Vela’s performance this season, the ex-Barcelona star replied: “By far, because if he's in his prime. How old is he? Twenty-nine. And he's playing in MLS and he's in his prime. When I was 29 [I was in Europe]. Big difference!”

Vela and Zlatan clash in LA derby this weekend

Vela, however, may have a chance to have the last word in the debate, as the two strikers clash in the Los Angeles derby this weekend. The two rivals go into the game with leaders LAFC 12 points ahead of third-placed Galaxy after 20 games played.