Zidane avoids players in Real Madrid changing room

It was a painful experience that few expected, and despite the 'friendly' aspect of the match against Atlético, the manager was not amused.


Zinedine Zidane was clearly angry when he spoke to the media after the 3-7 defeat to local rivals Atlético in New Jersey. And it would appear that his feelings were so strong that he avoided going into the Real Madrid changing room.

Zidane avoids players after humiliation

The pre-season friendly in the International Champions Cup was the first game that the two sides from the Spanish capital had competed in away from European soil. Club captain Sergio Ramos made his excuses after the match but it was noticeable that his boss went straight from the MetLife bench to the press room, and then from there directly to the waiting bus. He chose not to go into the changing room where the disappointed players were waiting.

Not going to plan, friendly or not.

Not going to plan, friendly or not.

"It doesn't worry me, but it hurts. When you lose... you don't play to lose," Zidane admitted in the conference. However, there are a number of supporters of Los Blancos who are worried and have been less than convinced by what they've seen thus far during their preparations, and the season is getting ever closer.

With a couple of days to lick their perceived wounds, Madrid now play in Munich for the Audi Cup. On Tuesday they will face Champions League runners-up Tottenham Hotspur. It may be another glorified friendly for Zidane and co, however, some positivity, both in terms of the result, and the performance, will be a necessary tonic for recovery all round.