Oblak: "João Félix's a great talent, he's come to the right place"

Atlético de Madrid goalkeeper Jan Oblak feels João Félix can only become an even better player learning under Diego Simeone.

João Félix has taken no time at all to settle in at Atlético de Madrid as he has shown with some exceptional performances throughout the pre-season. The Portuguese player has been acclaimed by the media and also by his own team mates - goalkeeper Jan Oblak feels João Félix has the talent and ability to turn himself into a great player and Diego Simeone is the man to help him do it.

Turning a good player into a great player

“Of course we’re still only in the pre-season but you can tell that as a player, he is incredibly talented. With the talent he has, he could grow into a really great player," Oblak said of team mate, João Félix "I’m convinced that he has come to the right place for him to develop his talent. With the coach we have here, I’m sure he’s going to progress a lot and he’ll learn things that he didn’t know how to do before. There’s no doubt at all that he’s a great talent and if he continues to develop as he has been doing, trains hard and play as he’s been playing, he’ll grow into a great player for sure”.