Memo on new tackle laws published after opening LaLiga weekend

Referees issued three red cards in the opening round of LaLiga with Modric and Molina being sent off despite not showing any intent in challenges.

Expulsión a Modric.

The technical committee of referees asked that challenges from behind that put the player at risk of injury be penalised with red cards. The referees took note and we saw three on the opening weekend of the season. 

Luka Modric saw red after a VAR consultation for a challenge on Denis Suárez, Oscar Rodríguez also saw red for a nasty challenge on Luis Perea and Jorge Molina was given his marching orders after a challenge on Thomas Partey. They missed a challenge by Loren on Míchel that was similar to what Molina and Modric were sent off for though.

The federations released Memo No.4 on Monday afternoon but it was subsequently deleted. They will, however, release an updated version to offer an explanation of the new understanding and implementation of the law.

This is Memo no.4 that was published regarding challenges:

"In this group of action, we need to differentiate:

a) RECKLESSNESS: Without punishment by themselves.

b) TEMERITY: Actions that carry a warning.

c) USE OF EXCESSIVE FORCE: Actions that merit expulsion

Looking at several plays from last season, there was special emphasis put on challenges from behind in areas of high risk of injury (achilles tendon, calf, tibia...) and that put the player's physical integrity in danger.

The referees have to protect the physical integrity of the players and punish these actions with a red card. In the same fashion, in case the referee makes a clear mistake, VAR have to intervene to recommend that the referee reviews the play.

When a player steps on the foot of another players in pursuit of the ball, they are considered less risky. In these occasions, they are considered recklesss challenges and should be given the correct discplinary action.