Wanda Nara says Icardi PSG move was her 'worst option'

Rarely far from the public eye, Mauro Icardi's wife and agent reveals that Paris was not her preferred destination, but she did it for her husband.

Wanda Nara says Icardi PSG move was her 'worst option'

Mauro Icardi is already a Paris Saint-Germain player. The Argentine has swapped Milan for the French capital and football fans, not only those of the Ligue 1 giants, are waiting to see the impact he can have, both on and off the field. A key party in the move was Icardi's ever visible wife and agent, Wanda Nara, who went with her least preferred option with his best interests at heart.

Wanda's ace up her sleeve for Mauro

Nara spoke after the deal was reached to say that PSG was the worst of the three choices available to her husband, and that "she waited until the very end, because she had an ace up her sleeve."

"No one knew, not even our children," she revealed to Argentine programme Morfi Telefe. "There was never really a serious proposal from Boca Juniors. I waited until the last minute because I had an ace up my sleeve.

PSG move | Wanda focused on Mauro's interests.

PSG move | Wanda focused on Mauro's interests.

"Mauro packed up a small suitcase and left the rest up to me.

"The children go to school in Italy, which means we're going to live between Milan and Paris. Of the three options we had, PSG was the worst one for me as I have to return to Milan to be with the children.

"I thought about what was best for him [Mauro]. There were several big Italian clubs that wanted him and that would have been easier. I have been offered the chance to represent other players, friends of Mauro, but I can't because taking care of his interests is already very intense.

"I do it for my love of Mauro," Wanda concluded.