"I can't see Zidane finding a solution to Madrid's problems"

Mijatovic told "El Larguero": "Madrid have a lot of improving to do. It's time to admit that something's wrong and find solutions. It's looking very similar to last season".


Pedja Mijatovic aired his thoughts on Real Madrid's 3-0 defeat to PSG in their opening Champions League outing on Wednesday. The former Madrid player and Sports Director told La SER's El Larguero programme it's time to admit that something has gone wrong and start going about fixing it.

Painful  defeat: "I didn't expect to see a game like that - especially against a PSG side who were without many of their star players. I was expecting to see another game; before kick-off, I had a lot of confidence and had hoped that Madrid would give the best impressionin a competition in which they've made history over the past few years. But it wasn't to be... PSG were the better team in every possble way. Madrid were practically absent from the game. It's that's very worrying. This season's already looking like last season".

Uno currando, cinco mirando... Madrid gave PSG free rein in Paris

Madrid let PSG control the game

Second half: "Right from the first minute, Real Madrid were not implicated in the game. It was clear they wre having a lot of difficulty. When a team allows you to play like Madrid did with PSG last night, it makes every player on the opposing team look brilliant. Madrid have a lot of improving to do and that has to start now - there is still time. It's something to be concerned about and now is the moment when they have to find solutions. It's a concern because now they have to travel to Sevilla on Sunday. The thing is, I don't see Zidane capable of finding those solutions so that the team improves".