Ter Stegen's "urgent meeting" with Barcelona squad will have to wait for another day

The keeper announced that he wanted to call a meeting with the rest of the team to discuss the problems they had in Prague. For the moment, it's impossible.

Ter Stegen fue uno de los grandes protagonistas en la victoria del Barcelona ante el Slavia de Praga.

One of the players who was most annoyed with how Barça were made to suffer in last night's meeting with Slavia Prague was Marc-André Ter Stegen. It was largely down to the keeper's fine display that Barça were able to come home with all three points and after a host of mistakes at the back which went unpunished, Ter Stegen called an urgent meeting with his team mates to discuss what went wrong and how how to resolve the problems they encountered. "I'm angry because we didn't play to our usual standard; we need to talk to sought out a few things. I'm not going to say anything publicly but we'll chat in private among ourselves - those of us who were out on the field tonight", Ter Stegen told Movistar's pitchside reporter.

Barcelona training goes ahead as normal

But the German goalkeeper hasn't managed to get all of his team mates together to thrash out what happened on the pitch in Prague. There was no crisis meeting today, nor self criticism about the Slavia game - quite the opposite. The mood in the camp was pleasurable and relaxed.

Marc-André ter Stegen saves

On the journey back to Barcelona, tempers gradually subsided and there was even one or two humourous comments about how badly the team had played. At times against Slavia, there were fleeting flashbacks of Barça's nightmare at Anfield last season - a defeat which left a lasting effect on the team. The main problem in Prague was that it's one thing to suffer against Liverpool but Slavia are not on the same level and it was Barça who looked like the underdogs.

The bad mood within the squad was reflected by the fact that none of the players passed through the Mixed Zone as they are obliged to do by UEFA. Nor did club press officers insist they face the media, instead explaining that manay of the players were still "infuritaed" and didn't want to make declarations. As for Ter Stegen's suggestion of a crisis meeting, the squad has made it clear that it's not going to happen any time soon.