My flag for Gareth Bale would read: "Out, out, out"

I'm planning on designing a flag for Gareth Bale and display it at the Bernabéu on Saturday night as Real Madrid face Real Sociedad. The banner will read: "Bale out, out, out. In that order". I'm sure he'll get the message quickly and imagine that he will not be impressed by the slogan if he even retains the most minuscule sentiment for his club. The time has finally come to tell the Welsh player that enough is enough as Real Madrid fans refuse to continue be conned by the Cardiff born player.


It felt that, up to this point, the debate surrounding Bale was reserved for members of the media, the player's agent Jonathan Barnett and a sector of the Bernabéu. That was before his 'trolling' this week and, the now infamous flag was the tipping point for many already disenchanted Madrid fans. I'm not the person to tell the player that he should feel more passion in playing for Real Madrid over Wales but it was exasperating to hear the chant in Cardiff as the player held the flag which insinuated that he is more driven by Wales and golf ahead of pulling on the famous white Real Madrid shirt. The player here has crossed the line and I'd like to see chastisement on a par as befits the misdemeanour.

Gareth Bale of Real Madrid

Bale on the bench

If it were my decision, I'd ensure that Gareth Bale never plays another game for the club, no-one messes with the honour of Real Madrid. His joke may be fine for a Welsh television show but this is something that won't be tolerated here. I've never ever seen fans as irritated and aggrieved by the action of a Real Madrid player. Using the opportunity to celebrate ones national team qualifying for Euro 2020 by mocking the very club that pays your wages crosses the boundaries of decency. I'm not sure what line of approach Zidane will adopt, but if it was my decision, Bale would be warming the bench right through to June. Gareth out!