Valverde: "If Piqué isn't fit or is distracted, someone else will play"

Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde hinted that centre-back Gerard Piqué isn't guaranteed to start tomorrow's game against Leganés.


Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde previewed tomorrow's trip to Leganés and told reporters that he is relieved that his international players returned from duties with their respective national teams injury-free. Barça visit Buturque top of the table with the hosts at the polar opposite end of the standings in last place.

Leganés haven't started the season well but the arrival of new coach Javier Aguirre could give them a boost. Are you expecting them to be more defensive?

I don't know what changes Aguirre has made. The only references I have is from the last teams he coached but usually, coaches try to mould the players they have. They are a side which is built to play is a certain way. Aguirre will be trying to perk them up a bit, - he's a motivator. We had a bad experience there last season.

Could Moussa Wagué start tomorrow?

We have two possibilities. We can either change the system or keep it as it is. Wagué is ready, of course he is. He played a couple of games last season and he's here to confront new challenges.

Piqué and the Davis Cup

Piqué has been in Madrid combining training with his commitments to the Davis Cup. What are your thoughts on that?

If he arrives fit or not, we will see if he makes the list. I've spoken to him about it. He seems focused and the things that he does outside of football... If he appears a bit distracted someone else will play.

Are you concerned that Griezmann performs better for France than he's been doing for Barça?

Why do so many questions begin with "Are you concerned...?" I always leave here worried about a ton of things. I just concentrate on my team. What matters to me is how my team is. I know that there are a lot of eyes on Griezmann, but he is bringing a lot of things to the team and we think he can give even more. He makes the team work, play and gives us continuity.