Unranked wildcard raises eyebrows in 22-minute defeat

Artem Bahmet, who does not appear on his country's professional rankings list, lost 6-0, 6-0 without winning a point at a challenger event in Doha.

In a game that is sure to have organisers scratching their heads, Ukrainian player Artem Bahmet lost a qualifying match at an ITF challenger event in Doha 6-0, 6-0 in just 22 minutes, failing to win a single point against the world number 1,367, Krittin Koaykul. 

The Ukrainian was apparently unable even to get the ball back over the net and is not listed as a professional on his country’s national rankings system. 

Wildcard not exactly a wild talent

Bahmet was handed a wildcard into the tournament in Doha, which will serve to raise questions about the policy of invitations in lower-tier competitions and certainly whether or not the Ukrainian is actually that bad a player or if there is more to the encounter than met the eye.