Isco always returns with Zidane in charge

Ask any teacher and they will tell you, perhaps not openly, that they like their students in different ways. Ask any managing director of a company or an orchestra conductor and they will tell you the same thing about their employees and musicians, respectively. Obviously, the same thing happens with a football coach and their players; that very human reaction, even though saying it out loud might not be such a good idea. During Friday's press conference with Zinedine Zidane, ahead of Madrid's game against Getafe on Saturday, Zidane revealed: "I identify with Isco because of his position, and he's a player I like". 

Isco's potential

Referring to the position Isco plays is something logical and easy to understand, but there is something telling that explains why the French coach has never given up on the Spaniard's development and success in the game. When Zizou took over at Real Madrid four years ago to the day, he spent the first few days meeting with the squad face-to-face, and told Isco how much he admired him as a player and made it clear he thought he could become one of the best footballers on the planet. Isco has not always lived up to such expectations, but nor has Zidane ever lost his faith in the playmaker's talent. Hence the reason he's still there.